New section. - mal
Being an "old timer" with 2 years behind me have witnessed the forum improve greatly during that time.
It has attracted members from all walks of life able to give advice not just on motoring related topics but I would guess just about anything.
So how about a separate section within the forum for discussion and advice on any topic, instead of the "I have a question thread"
New section. - Mark (RLBS)
The \"I have a question\" thread is a compromise; essentially this is a motoring forum and we would like it to remain that way. However, there are many other questions that people need help with, and that thread is a courtesy to allow those to be dealt with. But it is not intended to be a significant part of the site.

A new section would separate the site too much from motoring, and to be honest there are better sites to help you with those other queries. It would also change the style of this site.

Martyn and I already discussed this fairly recently and our conclusion was that it was a step too far away.

If you feel strongly, then by all means e-mail Martyn and give your suggestion, but I personally feel that adding such a section would be inappropriate.
New section. - mal
Out of courtesy I already have via the "webmaster".
By the way Mark how many members do we now have and at what rate are they signing up.
Regards, Mal.
New section. - Mark (RLBS)
Around 2000 active members, trying not to count the ones who registered but don't write.

A truly huge amount more who read but have not registered - I couldn't put a figure on it, although Martyn could.

As for join up rate, that's difficult to say. Anywhere from 1 to 50 in a day. Never seen it less than 1 and very rarely more than 50.
New section. - Dynamic Dave
Mark, on average, how many members accounts would you say you terminate on a daily basis?
New section. - Mark (RLBS)
There are 32 terminated accounts. I would imagine that 10 of those have been terminated at the request of the user. Probably another 10 have been terminated for obscene or otherwise unacceptable usernames. Leaving 12 that I have terminated myself which sounds about right.

Thats for the last 9 months - so a little more than 1 per month. I bet you thought it was more.
New section. - Dynamic Dave
I bet you thought it was more.

Yes :o) You're more tollerant than I gave you credit for.


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