Pug 106 Heater Leak - BrianW
My daughter's L reg. Pug 106 has started to leak a small amount of water from the heater into the driver's footwell. Not much more than an occasional drip but shows on the rubber mat.

How difficult/expensive is it likely to be to change the heater matrix, assuming this is the problem?

(Or is Radweld the answer?).

She's had the car for about 4 years and my son had it for a couple of years before that, so we know its history and its reliability is otherwise excellent. It's a 1.36 litre diesel.

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Pug 106 Heater Leak - M.M

Haven't done a 106 matrix but they cost about £40 plus 4hrs labour in the book. As the heater blower is only booked at 0.4hr to change then the matrix job must require a substantial amount of the dash out to do the job.

Pug 106 Heater Leak - Dynamic Dave
For around a fiver, Radweld's got to be the cheaper option to try first. If it fixes the leak - great. If not then you've only lost a fiver before trying the next option.


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