Cavalier Choke / Carb ? - sn68
I have a 92 1.8 cavalier, which has started revving highly when idle. A quick toot on the gas and it goes back to normal as though the auto-choke is stuck on. The bloke who serviced it recently was uninterested.
Any advice ?
Cavalier Choke / Carb ? - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
You will probably find that this gets moved to the Technical Discussion by one of the moderators, but here goes !

Common problem on this carb (Pierburg 2E). Firstly make sure the thermal unit is getting good and hot - the coolant supply + retuen pipe fittings tend to corrode, eventually either blocking flow or, more dramatically, falling off (which of course causes major coolant loss, lots of steam etc !). New thermal unit around £65 + VAT. Part of "getting good and hot" is checking thermostat operation - radiator should stay stone cold until temp guage is about 1/4 - if 'stat is keeping enging temp down choke may come back on when driving.You may find that adjusting the thermal unit slightly (anti-clockwise as you look at it over the R/H wing) will bring it off choke quicker and stay off better. Finally, it is possible to tweek the choke link arm to give a more positive final "off" setting, but this is difficult to describe here !

HTH, Adam
Cavalier Choke / Carb ? - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
If I can add my sixpen'orth to my esteemed colleagues diatribe check that the choke housing is getting its 12v feed from the wire coming up between 2 & 3 inlet tracts and, more importantly, the choke housing is earthed. We routinely fit an extra earth wire from one of the thermal unit screws to the carb body to make doubly sure. The idea is that the electric heater gets the choke off quicky and the water heater keeps the choke at a suitable setting commensurate with the heat of the engine as it cools down (ie stops it coming straight back on when you stop the engine).

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