2005 Volkswagen Polo 1.2 (9N) - Help with Water Leak - Braunschweig

I've noticed water on the bottom of the pollen filter in the passenger footwell. It isn't a lot of water, but it eventually drips onto the carpet and it seems to be running down the outside of the filter housing (the filter was bone dry inside).

Tonight I took the glovebox out and the heater blower motor so I could see behind. Everything was bone dry and dusty - no traces of water at all, thought it might have been coming in via the air inlet and working its way through the heater.

I then removed the scuttle cover and had a look where the wiper motor is - all looked clean. Poured quite a lot of water down the windscreen and kept checking for leaks - nothing.

When I moved the car to put it back in the garage about an hour or so after pouring the water, there was water yet again under the pollen filter.

The car doesn't have air con or a sunroof, and the leak is too high to be the matrix. It only affects the passenger footwell too.

Surely it has to be the drain holes below the windscreen? The windscreen was the only part of the car where I poured water. Only thing is, I can't get to the drainholes to poke them with a wire or something to clear any crud, there just isn't any room (that's with the scuttle cover off too).

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