Freelander residuals. Discuss - No Do$h
Just heard on the radio (didn't it used to be called the wireless?) that the Freelander has the best used residuals in the land.

Could this be because nobody has ever managed to cover more than 6,000 miles in one?

Badge snobbery on a Ford. Whatever next?

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Freelander residuals. Discuss - Union Jack
No Dosh's surprise will be even greater if he/she has a look at the article on page 37 of today's Daily Mail, which lists Best Performers and Big Losers since the figures are based on the value after of 36 months - presumably less than 2000 miles a year for a Freelander based on his figures!

The source document is apparently the Alliance & Leicester's annual UK car price depreciation report, published in conjunction with What Car? and the Centre for Economics and Business Research, which also covers best one and two year figures.

Blue Oval may be interested to discover that the greatest percentage loss over three years was - wait for it! - a Mondeo (model unspecified but bought new for £14425) which allegedly dropped 64.5%, so it's good news and bad news for
Ford. Vectra was third worst, Omega fifth, and Corsa seventh, so only three Vauxhalls in the Big Losers. The Disco buyers from last nights Wrong Car, Right Car? (see current thread) may be a little "disco-ncentred" to "disco-ver" that their pride and joy came tenth in the Big Losers.

On the plus side, Nasr (see the SAAB v Mercedes estate thread) may, however, be encouraged to discover that the SAAB 9-5 came eighth in the Best Performers over three years, which is slightly at odds with the comments in that thread.

Incidentally, I drove a Freelander V6 for three weeks in the US in December and it coped magnificently with nearly a foot of fresh snow in upstate NY, and equally well in subsequent very icy conditions.


PS Intrigued to find that my spell-checker came up with "mooned" for Mondeo - which tends to confirm the report's suggestion that is a load of @rse!

PPS No Dosh - I believe we stopped saying wireless about the same time as the Daily Mail stopped being published as a broadsheet....
Freelander residuals. Discuss - No Do$h
The wireless remark was aimed at our brethren in the Nostalgia thread. I'm a tender 32 myself. BTW, what's the Daily Mail? I read a proper Tory Rag....

Used prices will always be controlled by supply and demand. The big players are rarely going to win with their mainstream cars but when they produce something a bit different (Puma residuals in the the first 2 years are a good example) they can really surprise.

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"BTW, what's the Daily Mail? I read a proper Tory Rag...."

No wonder you have no dosh, No Dosh - Torygraph at 55 pence v Daily Mail at 40 pence!


PS Quite like today's "Peterborough" footnote on "Flooded Carbs" ....
Freelander residuals. Discuss - orbit500
I don't hold a lot by these CAP values as they don't seem to translate into real values.
£14425 - 64.5% = £5120 for a 2000 X Mondeo ... wow, where can I find one like this ?
Maybe a shark dealer might offer a fleet this value for liquidating a fleet but Joe Schmoe can't find a 2000 so it's daft talking about it.
Freelander residuals. Discuss - moosh
Another thought 'bought new for £14425'

Not a realistic figure either with large fleet discounts?
Freelander residuals. Discuss - orbit500
Exactly ... I reckon CAP figures should be kept to themselves. Doesn't mean a thing to us.
Freelander residuals. Discuss - DavidHM
2001 FORD Mondeo 1.8 Verona, 2001
X reg. 37000 miles, SH, all usual LX refinements, including electric windows, mirrors, alloys, met silver with black velour, good condition, drives superb. £4,000 . ono. Tel 01257 462210.

S & M Ainscough

Old shape, of course. At that price and mileage, HPI would be on speed dial before I bought it.


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