Isuzu magic switch - Richard Hall
Between the seats on my newly acquired turbodiesel Isuzu Trooper is a rocker switch. The handbook tells me that this switch makes the engine warm up more quickly. Operating the switch results in a slight increase in engine idle speed - is that all it does? I had visions of a giant electric heating element in the engine block......

Richard Hall
Isuzu magic switch - T Lucas
On my Japanese versions i'm told that it closes a flap in the exhaust system to enable the engine to warm up quicker.Never looked though.
Isuzu magic switch - rg

I have a '96 3.1 Monterey, and I recall that this switch operates a fuel pre-heater.

The manual is quite misleading on this, and, as you say, indicates that this will warm the engine up. Probably a mis-translation.




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