Who should get the second car? - Biglig
I've just moved out to the country, and everything about it is wonderful, except that there is no public transport to speak of. This means that we will need to get a second car, so that I have one to commute 35 miles each way to work, and my significant other will have one to get about in. I mean, there's no point me earning the money if she hasn't any opportuity to spend it. ;-)

Not too much budget - £3,000 would be an absolute maximum but nearer £1-2K would be much better.

Now, my inital plan was for her to take over our current car - R-reg Rover 200 - and for me to get a diesel, so as to save fuel costs.

However, following the ingenious method Honest John suggested, I have now measured the fuel consumption on the Rover, and it is giving 39.9, which is pretty good. I suspect I won't save that much money by switching to diesel, and that perhaps better value would be to buy a second petrol car for herself.

What are your opionions? Any particualar recommendations?
Who should get the second car? - Baskerville
A diesel of R200 size should manage 50mpg easily, which is at least 25% better than your petrol. Figure out your mileage, and the extra cost of the diesel engine, and you have your answer. Some people (me included) prefer the way diesel engines drive--loads of pulling power at rev levels useful in the real world--so price shouldn't be the only consideration.

Who should get the second car? - joe
How about a well looked after Citroen ZX Diesel? Cheap as chips, and the Volcane diesel is good to drive. Not too many electronic bits to go wrong either.

Who should get the second car? - Chris TD
If you're just commuting - do you need a large size car for it? I nicked my wifes Ford Ka at every opportunity, rather than take the Volvo Estate, for better mpg, more fun to drive, easier town manners and the like. If it's only going to be you in the car what about a smaller diesel - better mpg, probably cheaper and certainly easier to find parking spaces.

Friends of ours down the road have a Vectra Estate for the family car, and a Citreon AX diesel for commuting - 60 mpg and small size.

Just my thoughts.
Who should get the second car? - Biglig
I see your point Chris, there is no reason for me not to get something tiny, and if it saves more money... I guess I just have an association in my head that diesels tend to be bigger, but the Citroen example is not big.

What else in that size bracket comes in Diesel I wonder, time for more research.
Who should get the second car? - No Do$h
Nova / Corsa Diesel
106 Diesel
Fiesta Diesel
Clio Diesel

All are "good" for 55-70MPG, although the Fiesta brings a whole new meaning to "agricultural".
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Who should get the second car? - Biglig
Ah, No Dosh, an interesting list. I have an irrational dislike of Peugots (which I mantain since at work my irrational dislike of Comapq has stood me in good stead over the years) but the Clio reminds me that when buying the Rover we considered it seriously.

And I hadn't thought of Citroens at all, so thanks to all for the suggestions.
Who should get the second car? - Andrew-T
Punto 1.2 petrol can return 50 mpg even on shortish runs. Also don't think about a 106 unless you are built on a small scale with feet to match - they just aren't big enough inside (and that means a Saxo as well).
Who should get the second car? - Biglig
Ah, another good point, I find I am just on the limit of fitting the Rover (although I'm not that tall) so this will need to be borne in mind if I go for a small one.

Who should get the second car? - M.M

You do need to think about the diesel thing carefully because on gentle longer commuting runs petrol cars can get quite close to diesel.

Where we find the diesel wins is on the shorter rural runs around home.

SWMBO has just moved from a 1300cc Supermini that was doing about 37mpg to a larger and much quicker diesel that is doing a steady 47mpg.

Over two years ago I changed from a petrol 1900cc to a diesel of the same engine size. Many of my runs are wickedly short (1 mile, 3 miles, 6 miles etc) and the petrol was down to around 25mpg at times. On the same runs the diesel does almost 45mpg...and it's a bigger car.

Also short runs aren't nearly so harmful for the diesel. So you can use the Rover for work and get her the Discovery!

Only joking.

Who should get the second car? - edisdead {P}
I found myself in a very similar situation recently.

SWMBO's 416 was giving us reasonable economy, so i planned to use this for my 50 mile commute and get her something smaller. Instead I persuaded myself I didn't even need something as big as the rover, and ended up with a nice little 3dr civic, which returns better mpg. And it's an auto!



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