New Fiesta - Speed Warning Tone? - Jack
Has anybody noticed a strange intermittent whistling noise which comes and goes if your speed drifts up between 75 and 80 MPH (allegedly) on recent fiestas. It sounds like a wind resonance (not another tellytubbie I hope!!).

It's so consistent on various hire cars it could be construed as a cunning Ford design to deter speeders.

Are Ford that clever, or is it just a resonance overlooked during design, perhaps the aerial?

Any ideas?
New Fiesta - Speed Warning Tone? - Pete F
This noise comes from the windscreen surround. Your dealer should fix it.
New Fiesta - Speed Warning Tone? - Jack
This could be the answer. If so however, it must be a production quality issue as it has ocurred on 5 different rental cars.

Maybe I shouldn't complain as it serves as a good speed reminder, even with the radio on.


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