Hyundai Santa Fe - Mike 996
Anyone got one ? What do you think of it ? I'm thinking of buying one as a change instead of a Mondeo/Vectra/Passat/Mazda6 etc I've looked at. Don't need a 4x4 but need the room for kids and a dog. 03 spec looks good with cruise and climate control. Local dealer has offered more in PX for my Vectra Estate than any other dealer !
Hyundai Santa Fe - Martin Wall
All of the cars your are looking at are a better bet I think. The estate versions of these should have plenty of room and all are available with discounts.

If you don't need 4x4 then why buy what I think is an inferior product - it'll cost more to run and fuel - against that you do have the 5 year warranty however. You will need to hang on to it though as the trade-in value will be poor I think.

Sorry to 'rain on your parade'...!

Anyway why not take some test drives to see what you think.
Hyundai Santa Fe - T Lucas
If you like it/want it buy it you can always have an ordinary car next time.As regards residuals you will probably match the other cars mentioned and certainly beat a Vectra.
I was talking to a customer today that was looking at the Hyundai and said the dealer organised a weekend loan of both the manual and auto version.That would help make his mind up.
Hyundai Santa Fe - Fullchat
Had my diesel Sante Fe since November. Turning low 30s MPH round town and motorway cruising. Bit plasticy inside but overall a solid feel. Nice driving position. Intend to tow the caravan in summer. Well impressed.
Hyundai Santa Fe - Collos25
They make a model in europe called a Terrecan which is far superior to the Sante Fe whether you can buy it in the UK I do not no
Hyundai Santa Fe - mark(NEScotland)
FC, good point ref caravan. (aaaaargh caravans!)I have been considering SF as we hope to upgrade to twin axle at some stage. Besides being considerably cheaper than other 4x4s, the SF has a (comparatively) high kerb weight which puts it in a sort of class of its own, and permits towing of most of the current (very heavy)twin axles. (much heavier than XTrail)
5-year warranty is attractive for buying new. Anyone confirm diesel mpg? Let us know how it is towing caravan.
mark (NES)
Hyundai Santa Fe - colinh
We've been using two petrol SF's as pool cars for site inspectors on a large project in Saudi. Have proved very reliable - can tackle most conditions - rock, sand, mud, 2:1 slopes - sometimes with five up. Slight damage to underside plastic on one, otherwise very good. Consumption not comparable as used for very short runs with stops and starts.
Is the new Kia Sorento similar (Kia part of Hyundai group I believe)?

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