volkswagen - audi problem? - t.g.webb
I don't own one myself but, if it's relevant to UK pwners, this appeared in today's Boston globe:

volkswagen - audi problem? - Shigg
I wonder if these people wished they'd bought a diesel?

volkswagen - audi problem? - CMark {P}
Yes, they should have bought a Mondeo/ Focus TDCi.

volkswagen - audi problem? - Tony N
er, no.
volkswagen - audi problem? - Tony N
to a ford over an audi that is.
volkswagen - audi problem? - No Do$h
I think CM's response was tongue in cheek. Have you seen the problems reported for TDcI engines? Makes me glad I got an Alfa!
No Dosh ** Quick, talk motoring, Mark's coming! **
volkswagen - audi problem? - Tony N
Yeah I know - Have got a Focus TDCI, think it'll be going soon...
volkswagen - audi problem? - CMark {P}
Well spotted, No Dosh!
Actually, I see there's an article in Automotive news, dated today:
"Diesels in American cars? Ridiculous.
In the United States, everyone is getting excited about the possible growth of diesel engines. It's almost like diesels are going to cure whatever ails you. But once you get past the biggest of the big, diesels don't make a lot of sense in America."
However, as I am only registered with the website and not a paid-up subscriber I can't enlighten you further on this piece by Keith Crain.



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