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I can't find Loctite 242 (to lock an oil pump sprocket) here so it'll have to be specially ordered-in and (assuming it can be shipped and isnt banned as a hazmat) will probably end up well north of 20 quid , quite a lot for a one-off precautionary application.

Dunno what the shelf life is, but I'll bet the next time I want it it'll have gone off.

I can, however, get CARPLAN thread lock for a couple of quid


but the technical description is rather lacking in detail. In particular, no temperature range is given.

Is this stuff likely to be adequate for use inside the sump?

I tried an enquiry to the info@tetrosyl address and got an error message. I dont fancy making a full price International phone call for that sort of enquiry (since there'll probably be some hanging around) but when I get time I'll try and re-activate my Skype account and phone them.

Then (if they say OK) I'll have to decide whether I believe them.

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....and many others.

Always try eBay first for things like this.

Daihatsu Skywing - Loctite Alternative? - Chris M

Still £15 though!

Daihatsu Skywing - Loctite Alternative? - Collos25

Loctite works

Daihatsu Skywing - Loctite Alternative? - TeeCee

There are probably cheaper ones. I didn't look too hard, just shoved up the first result that returned when I bashed "Loctite 242" into the search.

Edit: e.g. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Loctite-242-medium-strength-threadlocker-10ml-/190747151281?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2c696a8bb1#ht_446wt_915

Presumably any locking compound with that specific Stainless Steel / Brass application would do. If it were most things, I'd probably take a punt on ordinary threadlock (like Loctite's blue stuff), but for an oil pump sprocket.....

Saving a few quid at the risk of possibly trashing the engine? I'd be spending the extra tenner and using the manufacturer's recommended stuff. Not least because, knowing what I'd done, I'd be driven mad with paranoia at every squeak, rattle or tap from the engine thereafter.

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Daihatsu Skywing - Loctite Alternative? - edlithgow

Thanks all.

If I read that ebay vendor exclusions correctly, he won't ship to Asia. Seems to be rather common. Not sure why.

If I could find it locally here in Taiwan I'd certainly buy the Loctite 242 at that price.

No thread locker is actually specified by Daihatsu, but there appeared to be some on it when I took it off.

I've seen Loctite 242 recommended for this job on Landrovers.

Daihatsu Skywing - Loctite Alternative? - edlithgow

GF finally got a reply from the importer (I don't speak or read Mandarin) who posted us some Loctite 243 (new improved replacement for 242) for about 12 quid equivalent.


Unfortunately I could only get a 50ml bottle (there'll be no non-trade, and few trade customers for this stuff in Taiwan) which would last me till the heat death of the universe, if it didn't have a 1 year shelf life (maybe 2 years in the fridge).

I've seen it suggested on't net that, once opened, it should be left open for storage, because it cures anaerobically?

Kind of makes sense, (though it seems to imply that the bottle is topped-off with pure oxygen at the factory, which I don't know for a fact) but I'm not sure I can bring myself to do it.

I'm wondering if it'd be worth keeping the bottle in a sealed container with some hydrogen peroxide (which'll release oxygen)?

It'll release other stuff (e.g. water vapour) as well though.


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