307 First Service - frank_butcher
I got a one year old 307 Xsi which I want to sell in a few weeks. I notice that I never had the '6,000' / 6 months, first / free service done.

With previous pug's there used to be a spanner flashing at 1,500 to indicate that the first / free service was due. But nothing happened with the 307 at 6K.

I always assumed that they did away with the first / free service and the first proper one was aw 20K so it never bothered me. But now checking the warranty book it says that I should have had the free done at 6K or 6 months. There is an empty stamp block there!

So I'm worried that I've a) invalidated the warranty, b) not given it a FSH such that I'm going to lose out on price when I sell.

BTW, I've only done 6,800 miles on it in 11 months. So I guess the mileage is not really a problem but the 5 months over is.

Whats the score with this? Did Peugeot really ditch the 6K free service? Will it matter if I missed it?
307 First Service - Baskerville
Peugeot still have the initial 6000 mile/6 month "service," but it's really only a check over. They don't do any work unless it's needed and there is no oil change. According to the mechanic I spoke to recently about this it takes about ten minutes. I reckon you have invalidated the warranty by going over the time period, but it's unlikely the car will actually be harmed unless it has a problem that would have been spotted back then (yeah, right). Why not get it serviced (including an oil change) now just to reassure potential buyers--the first proper service interval is probably 20K/1 year anyway?

307 First Service - frank_butcher
Well I checked with peugeot customer services and they say that the warranty is not invalidated. It would be if the 20k was not done but its ok if the 6K was missed.

I just need to convince a buyer now or hope they dont notice it.

307 First Service - Baskerville
Excellent news. I can't see a buyer complaining. Can you get them to put it in writing?


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