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Has anyone fitted a towbar to a new shape Mk.3 Mondeo. I need to fit one soon to mine, but I've been told by two Ford dealers to fit a Ford towbar and electrics and not to let "others" fit it as there is a good chance the car's electrics and ECU will be damaged. Sounds a bit extreme to me. I know Ford will say this to get the job and the cash, but I don't want the warranty invalidating due to someone making a mess of the electrics. Any experiences guys?
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Yes Ford's advice is correct. Its all to do with the Intelligent charging system. Incorrect wiring will screw up the chip.

At least two reputable towbar fitters have had problems because they did not wire up exactly acc to Ford spec.

There is a link in HJ's FAQ's to a tow equip company. But in short there is less risk with Ford doing the job

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Just had a look on my system....

The wiring kits are a bit more involved than a few scotchblocks on the real lamp wiring. If your car has reverse park sensors then there is a relay kit to suppress the system when you have a trailer attached. And so on...

To save messing anything up the Ford option is the sensible one at the moment until the aftermarket gets a handle on the new Mondeo electrics.

It may be worth phoning round a few dealers to compare quotes as some labour rates are incredible for the surrounding area. Neighbouring dealers with a £20 per hour difference is not uncommon.


Mk.3 Mondeo....towbars - kurnal
I asked my main dealer to fit a towbar before delivery and they gave me two options- the ford at over £500 or a witter at £150. I chose the witter and havn't had any problems. This was fitted at the dealers by a visiting contractor. Yes scotchlocks were used into the rear light wiring and a seperate charging feed from the battery via a voltage sensing relay in the boot. I was very surprised to see how thin the wiring is on a new mondeo. Not a great job but it has worked ok, and as it was fitted before delivery I will not have any warranty problems ( I hope!)
Its a fixed towball on the witter rather than Fords removeable- but that suited me as I can keep using my old scott stabiliser.
Hope this is some help.
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Yes scotchlocks were used...

Eeeeeek. I would have thought if fitted by a dealer they would have at least used bullet or spade connectors.
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Just another thought- have you looked at the uk caravanning.rec newsgroup where towbar issues are regularly debated. There is a guru regularly giving advice on there- Tony Maris of Chesterfield towbars and trailers. I can recommend him from personal experience- he does have his own website. No I dont have any connection with him but he did fix my dads obsolete trailer brakes when everybody else said scrap it.
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If the new Mondeo is so difficult for towbar specialists, aren't Ford Dealers likely to find it just as difficult? Or have Ford Dealer mechanics suddenly been properly trained and given responsible attitudes?
Mk.3 Mondeo....towbars - Tony_M
There is a guru regularly
giving advice on there- Tony Maris of Chesterfield towbars and trailers.
I can recommend him from personal experience

Hi kurnal,

Thanks for the plug!! Fortunately, I'm not the only decent fitter around.

There is a quality scheme run by the National Trailer and Towing Association (NTTA)which independently assesses Towbar Fitting Centres (and Trailer Centres). To qualify, not only do they have to be seen to be competent fitters but they also need to have the proper management and control structure in place. This includes records to enable product recalls, suitable insurance, proof of suitable training etc. The standards are high and as a result, only about 25 companies nationwide have achieved the standard required. However, the NTTA are encouraging ALL their members to raise their standards, look at their own organisations and get on board the scheme.

To find out if there is a QSA fitter near you, have a look at and search the buyer's guide for Towbar Centres and/or Trailer Centres (look out for the red QSA tags attached to qualifying companies). I'm delighted to say that we have the accreditation no. 001 and were accredited as both a Towbar Centre and a Trailer Centre.


Towbars& Trailers
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I suppose a compromise could be made - get the towbar fitted by an independent fitter (cheaper than Ford), but get the wiring done at the msin Ford dealer?

Mk.3 Mondeo....towbars - Tony44
'Kurnal' - don't suppose you have a pic shpwing your towbar fitted?

Mk.3 Mondeo....towbars - kurnal
Soon can have if you are quick- have the firms digital camera in the car till tomorrow night- but I wont get the pics till next week. Which bit or view are you interested in?
Mk.3 Mondeo....towbars - kurnal
Tony44 not heard from you on the pics you want- I will take several of the bar and wiring before I take the digital camera back tomorrow, if you want copies emailed to you let me know, i will make my e-mail visible on profile for a few days
Mk.3 Mondeo....towbars - Tony44
Sorry - went to bed early! E-mail on way.

Thanks very much,
Mk.3 Mondeo....towbars - kurnal
Pics ready will send this weekend- but following a computer crash last weekend have lost your e-mail- could you contact me again please?

Mk.3 Mondeo....towbars - Tony44
Thanks - you have mail :-)

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Main dealers in my experience are not interested in fitting towbars but are quite happy to sell you a expensive factory fitted one, in the main they simply pickup the phone and get a independent fitter to do the job and put a mark up on the job.
The latest mondeo has been out long enough now for towbar fitters to have sorted any electrical issues.


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