Xsara Rattles - volcane
I have had my xsara 110 hdi sx for 6 weeks now and some of the rattles are getting to me. Chiefly the nearside door pillar rattle which seems to be coming from around the seat belt roller. Also underneath the handbrake something rattles very badly on rough roads. The rear view mirror vibrates which the local citroen garage are going to replace under warranty. Have I any hope getting my rattles sorted under warranty??
To make matters worse some plonker cleaved off my drivers door mirror which is heated, coloured and electric!!
Xsara Rattles - Mondaywoe
These rattles sound as if they would be pretty simple to fix if your dealer really felt like it. A couple of mechanics inside the car - one driving, one listening should isolate the problems without too much fuss - and yes, this should be done under warranty! Be patiently persistent - I find that's the best ploy!



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