306 D Turbo not starting. - Magician
Looking for some help. Just finished a head transplant on this oil burner and it now wont start. Is there anything that I am missing in terms of that little something that I should do at the end?

Please help!!!

306 D Turbo not starting. - blue_haddock
A few more details on what it's doing and not doing would be useful.
306 D Turbo not starting. - Magician
Ok. The engine is turning over but its not firing. Everthing is in place, the fuel system has been bled and fuel is getting through to the injectors.

Questions I do have is if you start in the top left of the fuel pump the first outlet goes to injector on cylinder 1?

The timing wheel on the fuel pump was moved but has been realigned with the timing holes, but does the camshaft turn from TDC to TDC in one complete turn or does it take 2, if so the timing could be out by one rotation on the fuel pump?

Hope this helps you to help me.

Thanks again
306 D Turbo not starting. - Magician
if it needs to be known as well. Its been sat for a month without running.
306 D Turbo not starting. - thomp1983
id say it's the fact your running bosch injectors with the lucas pump as the injectors have different opening rates

306 D Turbo not starting. - JohnD
You should turn the crankshaft until you can get a 6mm rod into the hole on the flywheel. When you've done that, check the holes in the camshaft and pump sprockets. They should line up to be correct.
306 Starting problems. - Magician
Just to cover a few further points.

306 D Turbo, not starting after head replacement.

I know have a lucas pump and bosch injectors, will that cause any problems?

After the preheat on the glow plugs has been achieved I have touched the electrical conection end of the glow plug and its still cool, does this mean that they are not heating?

Please advise

306 Starting problems. - mattg82
To check the heat plugs you need to take them out, and see if the black end of the plug glows.
306 Starting problems. - autumnboy
I've read somewhere you cannot mix Bosch and Lucas because of different operating pressures and volumes of fuel etc.

A simple way to test if you are getting any power to the heater plug connections, would be to get a headlamp bulb with two lengths of wire attached to the bulb. Then put one wire to earth and the other to a connection on a plug, so when the ignition is switched on the bulb should glow, if not you'll have to check the glow plug relay and its supply circuit.

To ensure your timing is correct you need three dowels, one for the Cam, one for the Pump and one in the flywheel behind the starter.


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