Rossendale area info. required - leaseman

My son and his girlfriend have lived in Manchester for years, but have their minds set on moving to the Rossendale area. I guess they are looking at average prices for housing in the region.

They both work in IT and rarely need to access Manchester, but occasional visits by car or public transport probably a requirement. Mountain Biking is their leisure activity,

If anyone could offer any positive (or negative) suggestions or experiences of the general area, I would be greatly appreciative, having no personal experience myself. Thank you.

Rossendale area info. required - Andrew-T

I don't live in Rossendate, but have visited the area occasionally since the 70s. Fairly built up, mostly reminiscent of the 19th/20th century mill-town variety. I believe local rail is about to improve into M/cr, but the local one in Rossendale is the East Lancs Railway, a heritage line which may satisfy someone with that particular interest. Plenty of local hills to exercise your mountain bikes on. M66 to M/cr is not bad until you hit the M60 ring road.

Rossendale area info. required - daveyjp

East Lancs area, the old textile heartlands between the 3 Bs of Blackburn, Burnley and Bury. Not the thriving affluent towns they once were, but all facilities and I'm sure there are some areas which attract younger incomers. Property will be affordable.

Decent public transport, both heavy rail and tram into Manchester and main rail to Leeds via Bradford.

Countryside on the doorstep - Forest of Bowland, Pennines, canals, Lake District. Not far from Calder Valley - Hebden Bridge, Todmorden - and I've known a lot of people from that area who really enjoy living there.

Downside it rains a lot so avoid any properties near the rivers!

Rossendale area info. required - leaseman

Thank you Andrew and Davey.

They are viewing a couple of houses in the Waterfoot area, which did worry me! They both seem to be up one of the many hills surrounding, so flooding should not be an issue. Being, originally myself from east of Hebden Bridge, my personal knowledge stops at the Lancashire border, and both myself and my Lambretta found it too wet for a pleasurable trip out!

Rossendale area info. required - Gibbo_Wirral

Local news sites are a good source of information on an area