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Hi there,

First time posting and need some advice. I'm looking to buy a new car and have somewhat narrowed it down to either the Volkswagen T-Roc (150HP petrol) or the Peugeot 3008 (130HP petrol). I know the T-Roc is more of a crossover while the 3008 is a smaller SUV so it may be comparing apples to pears but I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions to which car may be better? Or even if they might recommend something entirely different.

My family already has a Volvo XC60 serving the role of a SUV so my thinking was that the T-Roc may play the role of a somewhat smaller car. I've tried driving both cars and liked them fairly equally, especially that you are higher sitting in them than say a Golf or something smaller and lower to the ground in size.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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I wouldn't waste to much time pondering over whether one is an SUV and the other a crossover, both are pretty meanigless terms for essentially the same type of car.

The problem i'd have with the VW would be regarding the 1.5TSI engine. Are the kangarooing issues fixed or not?. Also, you haven't mentioned transmission, but if you wanted auto, i'd rule out the VW there too unless you planned to change cars before the warranty was up.

The 'problems' with the Peugeot is not going to be problems for everyone. The first of these does polarise opinion somewhat, Peugeot's 'i-cockpit'. You have a very small steering wheel which you should set low in your lap so you view the instruments over the top of it. Some folk get along fine with it, others don't, so you really need to try it (assuming you haven't already) before comitting as you may hate it!. Second potential issue is having most of the controls, including heating and ventilation on the touchscreen. Again, some don't mind this, particularly the type who leave them at the same settings all the time, but quite distracting if you want or need to change the settings on the move.

The comparison to the Volvo is interesting, as the Peugeot, in exterior dimensions is mid way between the T-Roc and XC60. But, it actually has a bigger boot at 513 litres vs 483 litres (the T-Roc is 445 litres). I was surprised at how meagre the Volvo's boot is for that size of car. But that in turn leads me to suspect that both your suggestions, as second (smaller) cars are bigger than you actually need.

If it was my choice, i'd be looking at a size down in both cases, the VW T-Cross vs Peugeot 2008. In the case of the VW, i'd also be looking at its VAG group stablemates, the Seat Arona and Skoda Kamiq. And in all three cases, the 1.0TSI (115bhp) would be my engine choice (with manual gearbox). Actually the 2008 is closer in size to the T-Roc, so i'd maybe swap the 2008 for the Citroen C3 Aircross (1.2 110bhp).

But in this particular class of car there are a huge amount of contenders, including the Ford Puma (the one to go for if you like to throw the car around a bit!).

Volkswagen T-Roc - Volkswagen T-Roc vs Peugeot 3008 - martinmd

Thanks for the detailed reply!

Sorry that I didn't mention it before, I want a manual car, no automatic transmission.

I test drove both cars and indeed the 3008 has an interesting steering wheel. It wasn't that bad in the 3008 but in the 2008 I felt incredibly cramped. For me the outside of the 2008 looked like a good size but when I sat down the interior felt very small. I also test drove a Skoda Kamiq which I think is similar in size to the 2008 and inside it felt much more comfortable. The Kamiq was okay but unfortunately it, nor any other Skoda is a no go in my family. Similarly and unfortunately with any SEAT. While I know these are all VW group cars, if I want my SO to make use of this car and not solely exclusively stick with the Volvo, I have to avoid those two particular brands. Anything else goes, just just Skoda or SEAT.

That's also partially the reason why I want a smaller car. My thinking is if I go for another SUV which is similar in size as our XC60, of course my SO will deviate to the nicer of the two cars and end up just using the volvo. While a smaller car would be a something different that can be varied with the Volvo. Of course my current budget isn't anywhere near the XC60 price range, hence I was looking at the 3008 and T-Roc. Both nice cars my SO approves of.

Regarding the engine on the T-Roc, I test drove both the 1.0TSI and the 1.5TSI and found both to be fine. I think I prefered the 1.5TSI as it had more pull. I didn't experience any kangarooing with the T-Roc but when I test drove the new Golf 8, wow, that car lagged a lot! Plus no physical buttons! I know the 3008 doesn't have them either but the layout in the new Golf 8 just didn't click with me and actually annoyed me more than the 3008 which while yes fully digital, similar to our XC60, was still a lot less confusing than the Golf 8.

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Welcome to the forum.

Have a good look at the VW T-Cross as BBD mentions. Try the punchier 115 bhp version of the 1.0 engine and you'll find it goes very well. You haven't told us what your budget is, but if you can afford a 3008, you'll be fine as a T-Cross is several thousand pounds cheaper.

If you don't like the T-Cross, even an Audi Q2 is cheaper than the 3008. I have a Q2 and it's only 4.2 metres long: you can get good PCP or leasing deals on these as they hold their value well.

Also consider the Ford Puma, which has been very well reviewed. No good for me as you can't have a spare wheel even as an extra, but well worth a look if that isn't a deal-breaker for you. One of our regular members has a Puma and loves it.

I test-drove a 3008 recently. I'm one of those whose shape suits the small steering wheel, but I disliked everything being controlled via the touchscreen. This was a hybrid: I also found that despite the battery being fully charged, it wouldn't run on electric power alone. Peugeot's electrics seem not to have improved.

I really can't imagine why anyone should still have a prejudice against SEATs and Skodas. Skoda jokes went out with the rear-engined Estelle, whose handling was terrible but even then they weren't unreliable.

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Colleague of mine has a new diesel T-Roc with which he is very happy with but to me it is nothing more than a glorified Polo on stilts which costs him rather a lot of money every month. My money would go on the cheaper, better driving and more honest Polo. But if you’re buying (Leasing on contract or PCP more like) new and plan on offloading before the warranty is up then buy the one you like the look of and enjoy driving the most as there is no real risk. To me this makes buying new a bit dull. Where’s the fun?

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Colleague of mine has a new diesel T-Roc with which he is very happy with but to me it is nothing more than a glorified Polo on stilts which costs him rather a lot of money every month.

With respect to the T-Roc, it is a fair bit bigger than a Polo, pretty much identical length to the Golf actually (but with a bigger boot).

For the OP, sorry, i didn't realise we had to take badge snobbery into account!. But i am surprised you found the 2008 'incredibly cramped' given it uses the same design language (inside and out) as the 3008 and is only about 7% smaller.

Personally, i'd still be looking at something smaller, but neither the T-Roc nor 3008 are bad cars (as you are getting a manual, didn't have kangarooing on the T-Roc and have no probs with the 3008's layout). So just go for whichever you prefer.

As an aside, the current thread regarding dealership satisfaction show Peugeot at number 5 in the top ten, no mention of VW..............

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But i am surprised you found the 2008 'incredibly cramped' given it uses the same design language (inside and out) as the 3008 and is only about 7% smaller.

So am I. I'm 6' tall (slightly less now thanks to degenerate lumbar discs) and don't find our 2008 cramped. The boot space is good for the size of car with low floor and no lip, probably because the design does not have to allow for the facility of rear wheel drive.

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As another puma owner I can recommend it, we find it comfortable and easy enough to drive and plenty of kit, I believe you can get a space saver spare but it either does away with the mega box , or limits it’s size

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I do understand the comments of feeling cramped in the new 2008. It has a real 'cockpit' feeling to the driver's seat that I enjoyed but could feel a touch imposing, and that as a 6 footer I had to kind of thread myself between seat and steering wheel.

Of the two cars in the OP's selection, the T-Roc will have an interior that could well come out of an Audi, VW, Seat or Skoda - the plastics are good quality and easy to use controls.

The 3008 can't be anything other than a Peugeot inside with some great textures and design. And used values are holding up really well, which should assist with PCP payments.

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