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Peugeot 307 SW - Fuel prime? - strickjumpers

Hello, ran out of diesel trapped in a snow drift. Added fuel but clearly, the system needs to be primed. continuous cranking does not work.I looked at the handbook, but could not follow the diagramme as differs from my car.I contacted the dealer who after putting my reg into the computer explained there is a hand bladder style pump on fuel line at the timing belt side of the engine, look as I may I cannot locate this component, can anyone tell me if there are variations of the theme and if there is a different type or no pump fitted what is the best way to get fuel up to the manifold?Turning the key to the second position I do not hear a pump running in the fuel tank as expected, but cannot remember if it ever did before I ran out of fuel. thanks for looking, Mike.

Peugeot 307 SW - Fuel prime? - RobJP

I'd wonder if the fuel pump has failed.

The fuel pumps on diesel cars usually use the diesel fuel running through them as a lubricant. No fuel = seized pump.

Peugeot 307 SW - Fuel prime? - Peter.N.

Do you know if this one uses an electric pump in the fuel tank/ If it does you should hear ir run for a second or two when you switch the ignition on, if not it shouuld have a primer bulb in the fuel line under the bonnet, looks like the one on the thing they take your blood pressure with.

Peugeot 307 SW - Fuel prime? - elekie&a/c doctor

If there is no primer bulb on the side of the engine,there may be one under the air filter. Don't think these have in -tank primer pump. Take a look here;

Peugeot 307 SW - Fuel prime? - hardway

Or you could resort to "Small" squirts of easy start just to get it going.


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