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ford galaxy 2.8 ghia x 1997 - alternator - dipsomaniac

i have had the car 15 years and just had mot renewed. battery light came on sunday intermittantly. battery reading 12.1v engine off/11.90 engine at 2000rpm

car would not start this morning but was turning over but didn't sound right.

just had a shock when i looked on eurocarparts website to see bosch alternator £710/lucas £255. looked on ebay and prices range from £100-200

can anyone please answer the following

Is it likely to be alternator and if so do i have to replace the whole unit?

will a alternator off ebay be ok bearing in mind age of car? there is one listed for £58 without pulley.

eurocarparts listed a 150 amp and 120 amp. can i get away with a 120 amp?

doing anything in the engine bay of 2.8 galaxy is awkward. has anyone got experience of replacing alternator? if so is it a easy job and can you access from top of car?

Any help appreciated

ford galaxy 2.8 ghia x 1997 - alternator - elekie&a/c doctor

This will be fitted with the Golf Vr6 engine. Sadly access to anything on these is a real pain. A good charging voltage should be around 14.2 volts, so certainly could be an alternator fault..You prably could get away with a 120 amp unit ,but it depends on how much kit is fitted to the car. Does it have rear a/c? Have you checked poly vee drive belt condition and battery leads/terminals ?

ford galaxy 2.8 ghia x 1997 - alternator - Cris_on_the_gas

If your only getting output of 11.9V with engine running then the Alternator is not charging the battery. You should be getting a reading of around 13-14 V with engine running.

Issue could be one of 2 things, either alternator is faulty or the rectifier has gone open circuit. The rectifier is part of the alternator and is normally included with a new alternator, but if its just the rectifier gone then replacing this should be cheaper. Not sure exactly how to test if it's alternator or rectifier but sure someone will be along soon who will know. Basically the alternator produces about 50-80V AC and this is rectified down to about 12V DC.

Might be worth flicking your voltmeter onto AC volts if it's not an auto detect. You should get 0V output, if you are seeing any voltage then Rectifier has gone short circuit.

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ford galaxy 2.8 ghia x 1997 - alternator - dieselnut

If the original fault was intermittent I would check the tension on the alternator drive belt first.

Could also be a loose connexion in wiring to alternator / battery.

If these all check out ok then wil almost certainly be a faulty alternator.

I've bought lots of things on eBay & never been sold a pup.

If you are supplied a faulty item, it can be returned for a full refund.

ford galaxy 2.8 ghia x 1997 - alternator - dipsomaniac

thanks for the replies. i checked the terminals when light first came on. the positive was slightly loose. i tightened but made no difference. from the time the battery light came on to the car not running was 2 days

ford galaxy 2.8 ghia x 1997 - alternator - RichardW

info here:

Sounds like a rright barrel of laughs. Don't buy an RTX one from ECP. If it's the same as a more common model then it might be possible to get an exchange unit. If it's 2.8 specific, then probably best to get it out, and take it to someone to get it rebuilt.

ford galaxy 2.8 ghia x 1997 - alternator - dipsomaniac

Can a alternator go from working to dead in 3 days?

ford galaxy 2.8 ghia x 1997 - alternator - Galaxy

It can go from working to not working in 1 second!

ford galaxy 2.8 ghia x 1997 - alternator - Big John


ford galaxy 2.8 ghia x 1997 - alternator - dipsomaniac

thanks for the reply. am going to buy a recon alternator from ebay. has anyone any experience of replacing alternator on a mk1 2.8 galaxy/sharan? the link above is for a mk2. i am hoping mk 1 is a little easier.


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