Buying a new second hand car - Dogfuzz

Has anyone ever bought a newly new/approved car and found absolutely nothing wrong with it a day or 5 after delivery?

Regardless of dealerships that sell nearly new/approved cars delivered with "pre-delivery checks" and a "service" if you are lucky, my experience is that it is almost certain that after a week or so, minor things( and sadly major items too) emerge like a warning light,squeaking pedals, bulbs, rattles, radio not tuning and other foibles etc . A dealer will of course always say a car comes with a guarantee and "you can return it sir if not satisfied", but don't they realise that a truly satisfied customer is one who never needs to come back till the next scheduled service is due( several months if not 12 down the line??

Buying a new second hand car - galileo

When (after many years of used cars) I could finally afford a new one, I bought a 1.6 petrol, manual Toyota Corolla. Nothing at all was wrong with it. ( Replaced it some years later with another, that had a rattle behind the dash, cured under warranty.) Replaced that with a 1.4 petrol Hyundai i30, nothing wrong with that, no rattles or squeaks.

Manufacturing faults and poor preparation excluded, a lot depends on your expectations.

If you have reseached properly and read a range of road tests and reports, you are less likely to have 'buyers regret' because some feature doesn't suit you.

Buying a new second hand car - Alltrack7

Did my research including HJ reviews. I then purchased a one year old golf mk7 (with only the options I wanted) approx three months ago from a vw dealer. It was covered under the VW Das Welt Auto warranty scheme with all the checks etc.

On receipt the car was beautifully prepared. The dealer was helpful throughout the process but more importantly I have not had any problems/faults/rattles with the car whatsoever.

Given the general anti vw feeling on the forum I suspect my experience to date may be the exception.

Buying a new second hand car - focussed

"Has anyone ever bought a newly new/approved car and found absolutely nothing wrong with it a day or 5 after delivery?"

Yes - I bought a pre-reg Honda Accord Tourer 2.2 Cdti Type S two years ago.

I can't fault it in any way, as to the condition when I collected it, or since.

Buying a new second hand car - SLO76
Cars are complex pieces of equipment. You can check it through thoroughly, find no fault then deliver only to have an issue flag up the next day. Generally the Japanese are best at quality control and the likes of Toyota and Honda will hold onto dealer bonuses if customers aren’t satisfied but even the best of them will have minor problems which require warranty rectification.

On this subject my wee Polo has yet again suffered another of VW’s above average ratio of faults and the dealer has diagnosed a faulty EGR but along with the seatbelt mechanism, boot lock and a clutch on a Caddy I used to own VW have replaced it out of goodwill well beyond the warranty’s expiry. I don’t mind faults if the manufacturer and dealers are willing to put it right with no cost to me so long after the warranty has ended, the car is now 5yrs old with almost 70,000 miles up. Proof that maintaining a full main dealer history pays dividends.

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Buying a new second hand car - catsdad
My Approved Honda Civic was 18 months old when I got it 4 years ago. Within 24 hours I found three faults that any decent PDI would have picked up. One of the seat belt occupancy detectors didnt work, one of the magic seats wouldnt stay in the up position and the bonnet had permanent watermarks in the laquer from the original transit film.

All were subsequently sorted but it was annoying.

At first service 5 months and 4k miles later (18k total miles from new) they reported worn rear pads and a marginal tyre. The latter I had pointed out when being sold the car but the salesman wouldn't budge as it was 3mm. No goodwilll was offered on either issue.

The car has been faultless since but the subsequent routine service has been poor. The service desk dont understand Honda's alphanumeric service scheduling which is a blend of time and mileage so missed some items in the service deal I bought. They have also tried to charge for the free MoT and twice omitted to extend the free breakdown cover. I dont think any of the four services and associated services has been right first time.

I have filled in the online feedback accordingly but never had a follow-up call let alone an apology.

Love the car, hate the dealer.
Buying a new second hand car - smallcar
I bought my current car (2012 Honda CRZ) second hand at two years old as an approved used Honda.

It was in literally perfect condition with not a blemish or scratch anywhere. and had been prepared very throughly. It was like buying a new car. It was a revaluation compared to the BMW Mini I had before where literally everything was failing and proving to be very expensive to replace.

In the 2 years I’ve owned nothing has gone wrong with it. I’ve had more problems with iphones or laptops. my Honda just works. It’s very impressive compared to the litany of woes you hear on here with other marques/models or on HJs Saturday two part Column here.

I do think not enough people have experienced near or total 100% reliability with the Japanese brands to put up so easily with the mistakes and incompetent engineering of some of the models I read about here. For my next car I’m staying Japanese I think. I’m always a bit surprised there are not more Japanese cars on the road here. in many Asian and African countries I’ve been to recently there are very few non Japanese or Korean brands on the road - I presume the conditions encourage people to buy reliability first and giszmoa second. Ford, GM, Renault, PSA are almost absent.
Buying a new second hand car - madf

"Has anyone ever bought a newly new/approved car and found absolutely nothing wrong with it a day or 5 after delivery?"

2 Year old Yaris from an independent. I listed all faults I wanted sorted (paint and tyres) before I bought. All done.. never went back and nothing went wrong in 12 months (and for the next 5 years until new pads were needed)> still own it.

6 month old Jazz from non Honda dealer. Faultless when bought (I inspected and drove it of course before buying)...Nothing went wrong in 12 months ... or in 5 years until new brake pads..> still own it.

New Peugeot 106... Inspected it before paying and got dealer to replace non existent boot light bulb. Nothing went wrong in 5 years,,, and cannot remember anymore..(Long time ago 1992). Owned it for 15 years - wife crashed it.

2 year old Fiesta in 2001.. Inspected and drove . before buying . Faultless for the three years I opwned it.

3 year old Audi A4 in 1999 from Audi dealer. Inspected and drove - list of faults rectified before I bought. Year 1 plagued by many faults all sorted under warranty (suspension, catalyst, airconditioning). Sold it after two years as things still kept failing (timing belt tensioner, battery) German engineering at its worst. POC.

There's a pattern there somewhere..

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Buying a new second hand car - Andrew-T

Has anyone ever bought a newly new/approved car and found absolutely nothing wrong with it a day or 5 after delivery?

Assuming you mean 'nearly new' - I got my current Pug 207SW 7 months old, ex-rental with 13K miles from a Pug dealer. I soon found a couple of small screws in tyres causing slow loss of pressure. After fixing those, nothing else has needed fixing at all. For what is almost a 10-year-old car I am more than satisfied.

Buying a new second hand car - Big John

I bought a 2015 Skoda Superb tsi in 2014 t @14 months old. Nothing was wromg with it but I'd had it serviced and asked for it to be changed to fixed service intervals. I had to go back to ask for the latter thing to be done.

A couple of months later when driving in Europe it threw an Engine Management Light - turned out to be my fault as I'd "overfilled" with cheaper petrol in Luxembourg which can cause an issue. Wasn't charged but was told by a very helpful German dealer "Von Click HALTE!"

Thus far no actual faults after 52k miles and I've been impressed with the dealer

Buying a new second hand car - SteveLee

Thinking hard, with well over 30 cars under my belt, the only fault free car's I've bought - ie bought and either not had a fault or not had one for a while were "unreliable" cars!

The only fault free cars (I can remember) Citroën Xantia, Citroën XM (yes really!), Jaguar XJ8 and Jaguar XJR.

Buying a new second hand car - RobJP

Current BMW 325d was 6 months old / 3k miles, bought as 'Approved Used'. In perfect condition.

The one before that, a 318d, was, again, in perfect condition. That car was 3 years old / 50k miles when I bought it.

SWMBO's Subaru Forester, bought as an 'official' Subaru used car in spite of being 5 years old and with 87k on the clock, is similarly perfect.

In fact, I can't think of an 'official' approved used / (or equivalent) car that we've bought that hasn't been in perfect running order, even going back 25 years.

Buying a new second hand car - Engineer Andy

When I bought my first (and previous) car, a 2yo K11 (96N reg) Nissan Micra 1.0 S, I don't recall there being any issues with it in the first year of ownership that were caused by either faulty manufacturing or a poor PDI.

It was only about three or so years in (if I recall correctly) that it suffered from its first issue (engine flooding in cold + damp conditions due to a faulty temperature sensor), and that was fixed FOC by the dealership with no quibble even though it wasn't actually an official recall item (I think they were fixed as such on a 'as and when' a fault emerged - its in the 'Good and Bad' section of the review) and was well out of warranty (though under 6 years old).

Buying a new second hand car - Happy Blue!

In general terms, the worst cars I bought were a brand new Fiat Uno which constantly let water into the cabin and a three year old 'approved' Volvo XC90 which was bought unseen and was very poorly presented.

Every other car was pretty much exactly as described with no faults developing within 12 months of purchase. The best was my 2009 S-Max which was perfect, as was my current 2011 E350, followed by the 2005 Outback which had a touch of nail varnish on the steering wheel. Both Ford and Subaru were 12 months old at time of purchase.

Buying a new second hand car - FP

Not nearly new, but three years old - Mazda CX-5, bought last summer from a local dealer.

Pretty much immaculate. No faults have become apparent, of any kind whatsoever. The worse thing I can say about it is that the tyres were over-inflated when I got it. I put two new tyres on before the winter took hold. And that's it.

Comfortable, economical, very competent on the road, looks good. Best car I've ever owned.


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