Key Is Broken Off in Lock - Harry Patsons

Hi everyone,

Any tips or suggestion in case if your rusted key gets broke inside the door lock while you are trying hard to open the door.

Key Is Broken Off in Lock - gordonbennet

Not really, best to inspect your keys regularly and replace when they show signs of deterioration, use a magnifying glass and look for stress cracks in the thinnest part of the key cut outs, they get a hard life in your pocket.

The biggest problem is lack of use of locks due to plippers and lack of lube, so regularly use the manual locks to keep them working and give them a squirt of lube often, i use liquid grease squirted in with an aerosol extension probe, and lube the lock mechanism and door hinges at the same time.

One other tip regarding keys, and i do this with my own Toyotas, Toyota standard keys are frankly rubbish considering how robust and reliable the rest of the cars can be, the standard plipper is not foldable and where the T shaped end of the key fits into the plastic they cover always eventually breaks up, its a poor design, thankfully the plipper is an insert so all is not lost and the key itself doesn't wear too much, or rather the plastic breaks long before the key has worn out.

So buy a foldable spring loaded blank from the usual auction site, make sure you get the right one for your car of any make because for each make there may be several dimensions and design of key about, so accurate measuring and compare the profile carefully with the info on the sales site.

Take the standard key to a locksmith who will copy onto the blank (paid £8 last year, new fob about £8 also) then you simply fit your plipper unit inside in the space provided then screw the two halves together, job done (you can tension the spring to suit yourself on the fobs i get)....the new cases are stronger and whilst in your pocket the key is folded safely inside the case so doesn't get strained or bent...when the flipper gets a bit ropey just buy a new case and transfer key and plipper unit over, no need for a £200 key, £16 and you're as good as new.

Tip...always keep the original key as a pattern for future cutting, and make a note of the serial number stamped on your plipper unit.

Tip 2...for regular lock exercise, and for example if you wish to lock the doors whilst you are scraping the frost off with the engine running, get a second key cut at the locksmiths, a non programmable standard stamped key, and use this one every time for external locks, you'll never use it to start the car, though you could always tape the transponder to it should the need arise for car starting.

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Key Is Broken Off in Lock - piggy

Many years ago I had this happen when an ignition key snapped in the ignition barrel. Just as GB points out they are prone to go in the thinnest part of the key. Ignition key design seems to have improved in newer cars and are less likely to snap. IIRC I got the stub out by very careful use of superglue. Tip: never hang house keys etc.on the car key ring,constant swinging backwards and forwards will stress the ignition key, eventually it will snap. It happened to me miles from home. Since then my car key ring is devoid of extra "passengers".

Key Is Broken Off in Lock - Harry Patsons

Thanks Piggy for your comment & valuable advice.

Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance.

Key Is Broken Off in Lock - Harry Patsons

Hi Gordonbennet,

Thanks for your valuable tips, Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance.


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