Peugeot Partner Combi 1.6 hdi - Broken Glow Plug removal. - inventor
Hi Alan,
After a few months of living with a kaput glow plug stuck in the cylinder head and experiencing bad white smoke on start up and lumpy tick over. Have solved the problem.
Consulted Citroencare in Rake Hampshire. Peter the boss didn't rate the drill out in situ services.
Where will the swarf end up ??? Plus they made the point that the Gplug circuit isn't just for glow plugs and injectors will be affected as well even though the car was still running.
So let them remove the head and tap the broken Gplug end out with a pin punch and reassemble plus New Timing belt ,water pump serviced etc.
Car is transformed, starts fine, runs better than ever. Timing I'm sure is different because it pulls higher gears at lower revs.
Well pleased, really don't want a new car full of electronic gismos.
Peter Boxal and his team are right to be on your Trusted Garage list.

Peugeot Partner Combi 1.6 hdi - Broken Glow Plug removal. - hardway

Good call!

Doesn't happen often that an owner goes for perhaps the more expensive route.

I do own a glow plug removal kit and have used it with variable success rates.

But much prefer the road you took.

And a nice change to read a happy post rather than my car dun't work!!


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