Ford Focus Diesel 2016 (16) - DPF - brj

My daily driving has now dropped to 4 x 2mile journeys. Up to now I haven't experienced any problems with the dpf unit. The engine is rated as a Euro 6. Whats best, a weekly longer journey or look at a petrol car?

Ford Focus Diesel 2016 (16) - DPF - RobJP

"Up to now" you haven't had any problems with the DPF.

But that doesn't say anything about how long ago your journey type changed. So it's a bit pointless.

If you mileage is likely to stay at the new, shorter trips, then change. If it's going to go back up in a few weeks / couple of months, then possibly keep.

Ford Focus Diesel 2016 (16) - DPF - gordonbennet

I would suggest one reasonable run a month at that sort of mileage should keep the DPF happy, unfortunately there is no guarantee the thing will perform a regen during this time, it could decide to start one 300 yrds from your house as you return from an hour's journey...and there lies the flaw in the current DPF design in cars, no one has a clue whats going lorries its different the state of play can be displayed on the OBC and a regen manually triggered on at least some vehicles.

You'd have thought the car makers would have sorted this 'no blighter has a clue what's going on' situation by now, they desverve nothing but abuse for their apathy.


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