Update... - Macular degeneration - oldroverboy.

I wrote earlier in the year about having been diagnosed with wet macular degeneration, and that i was at the time nervous about the injections into the eyeball.

Ten months on, not only has the blood vessels stopped leaking but vision in the affected eye has inproved to the point where I can read the bottom line on the chart with that eye, which is a real improvement for me.

I have paid an opticians for 3 extra eye checkups and the improvement is confirmed.

coincidentally night vision is better with my old glasses that have no coatings, so a nice Christmas present for me.

Update... - Macular degeneration - Slow Eddie

ORB, I rarely contribute here but have to say how unaccountably pleased I was to read your update - you must be walking on air! I wish you a clear-sighted 2018 and beyond...

Update... - Macular degeneration - oldroverboy.

I would urge anyone to get eyes checked at least annually, and it is thanks to my "proper" optician who spotted the changes and referred me to a specialist.

Update... - Macular degeneration - veloceman
Update... - Macular degeneration - KB.

Good news ... nice to get a positive report on something. As with so much, you never know what you got till it's gone. And you were faced with possible loss, but it's still there.

Did note a slight emphasis on "proper" optician. I don't know but wouldn't be surprised if you were hinting that you, perhaps, went to a big high street chain and it wasn't diagnosed and that you subsequently went to a small independent and they found it????? I might have made all that up so apologies if I did.

I don't have much to add except to say that a large and well known chain, who have branches almost everywhere, did (eventually) detect a cataract in my wife's eye (in both eyes, in fact) and she was referred to hospital and has had them dealt with. I say "eventually" as it did take a couple of return visits, during which time different members of staff had a couple of attempts to correct the problem not reecognizing that a cataract was present. Of course we don't know how well developed the problem was and how difficult it was to detect ... and ultimately they spotted the need for a referral and it all went from there. We won't know how well an independant would have done - but I would say that we've been pleased with the service we get from them ("them" being the high street chain that has a series of amusing TV adverts that we all quote from time to time)..there's never a fuss if repair or adjustment is needed and never too much waiting and no insistence that an appointment must be made etc.

I honestly don't know how much, if any, difference there is in the cost of spectacles when comparing the small shop with the big chain. But we both have varifocals so are dependant seeing a specialist in the flesh as opposed to going online and getting them cheaper.

Others will have differing experiences.

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Update... - Macular degeneration - RT

It's great to hear good news like that, especially given the impact on driving.

"Proper" optician can't be guaranteed at any particular type of outlet - I've had carp service from the big name chain, brilliant service from a succession of locums at my Asda and variable service from a old style optician.

IMO, the quality of the test and subsequent advice seems to depend on the sales incentive pressure on the optician - the old style optician has been much better since he sold the business to a small local chain and now just works under contract

Update... - Macular degeneration - oldroverboy.

The high street chain with the amusing adverts, that is to say "specsavers" were more interested in selling me frames before the consultation. The consultation was in my opinion terrible and left me drained. I was in no mood to choose glasses after that. But when we lived in Carmarthen the local specsavers were excellent. They are all franchises. And we all know from the motor trade that there are good and bad franchises.

Also, they now only supply there own lenses.

As was unhappy I spoke to my cousin who has retired and sold his small chain of opticians and he gave me a name to go to here in colchester. That is the one who spotted what the young lady at SS missed a couple of days earler,

That was Owen Aves, who have at no time tried to sell me glasses leaving it to me as my sight changes do not need new glasses, although they have done so for my wife.

I do feel lucky and happy it was caught. and yes walking on air is appropriate.

And happier driving too!

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Update... - Macular degeneration - oldroverboy.

Just to add to that, I have high quality thin tailored varifocals, which specsavers used to do with premium lenses, now they just use their own.

Update... - Macular degeneration - craig-pd130

That's very good news. Keep on keeping on!

Update... - Macular degeneration - gordonbennet

An excellent early Christmas present, very pleased for you ORB.

Update... - Macular degeneration - expat

Good to hear. You may be interested in this new research on macular degeneration:


Update... - Macular degeneration - oldroverboy.

I am, will let my onsultant know.

Update... - Macular degeneration - argybargy

Yes, really good news. I often listen to a programme on BBC Radio 4 called "In Touch", where issues that affect people with varying degrees of sight loss are explored and discussed.

I know this doesn't apply to you, ORB, but I have huge admiration for those who manage such conditions so well and make their way in the world with a determination that many of us can hardly contemplate.

I'm sure that the prospect of losing my sight would initially fill me with nothing less than mortal dread, but I would cope, because many others do.

Update... - Macular degeneration - Boroman
Glad to hear, ORB. I always enjoy your posts.

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