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Hi all

I've just bought a 6 month old A5. Originally I was going to pay ££ but the finance option appeared to make too much sense - £1.25k from Finance, and 2 free services.

My intent was to immediately settle it (incurring very little interest), but having called I can't get a clear answer on whether settling (they call it using my right to withdraw) negates the original incentives of the deposit contribution and the 2 services, vs waiting until the 14 day cooling off period ends and then recalling to settle. Does anyone know how 'right to withdraw' impacts such agreements?

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Technically withdrawing and settling are different things.

Settling should not upset (excuse the pun) the dealers. Sometimes they might even encourage you to take this route knowing it is a win-win for you and them.

Withdrawing, however, is different. I think this is choosing a different payment option where dealers would not register selling a finance product to you. In this case, they might ask the freebies back.

This is my understanding - could be wrong so happy to be corrected.

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If you withdraw you no longer require finance. If the extras are tied to finance you won’t get them.

If you wish to settle you want the finance, but also want to pay it off quickly,

Take the finance, take the extras, pay off after 15 days.

Dealers will try and ‘scare’ buyers by saying the incentives are withdrawn if finance is settled quickly, but its their job to be economical with the truth!
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I've withdrawn a couple of times, and kept the financial incentives both times.

I've not done it where free servicing is part of the deal, so no knowledge of that, alas.

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Settling the finance agreement is what you can do at any time - basically, it involves paying all sums due.

Withdrawing from the finance agreement is something you can only do within 14 days. It's basically part of the consumer protection laws, and it's the 'cooling-off' period.

You have the legal right to keep the discount and 'bonus' items provided as part of the deal.

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I have done this twice , paid up before 14 days and kept incentives and free services. s******s dont miss out as its the manufacturers that pay for it.


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