- Chris C
Hyundai ix20 - we have an i20 which occasionally reports low tyre pressure and then resets itself. It was bought as a pre-reg car which had stood for 6 months and it can advise that a service is due in around 6 months or X,000 miles which is a fairly useless piece of information and it will then eventually reset itself and the message disappear. Conclusion - some software bugs in the Hyundai system?
- glidermania
What, car sales people should be employed on lifetime contracts!? What is that then, some form of servitude where they can never move from dealer to dealer in their lives never mind change occupation should they wish to?

What if the dealer closes the garage, are they bound to move somewhere miles away because they are on a 'life time contract'? What utter pap.

I suspect the customer to which HJ's reply was directed was a utter nightmare to deal with. Sales people are not able to negotiate company applied admin charges. I very much doubt any dealership would present one car never mind the many they seem to suggest, in the state alleged. Let's have some objectivity, please.
Honest John’s Motoring Agony Column 16-12-2017 Part 2 - Darryl_uk
Take a chill pill and read all the words. Carefully. You’ll find HJ explained what he meant by ‘lifetime contact’.
Honest John’s Motoring Agony Column 16-12-2017 Part 2 - Project C

He said contacts, not contracts. Attention to detail is what half the salespeople are lacking.

Honest John’s Motoring Agony Column 16-12-2017 Part 2 - Redcar01

My Wifes Audi A1 was bought 3 years ago and the salesperson rings up every 6 months to see if all is well and can he help with anything . Obviously he wants to sell us our next car I really like the service they give and dont feel pressured by him.

Honest John’s Motoring Agony Column 16-12-2017 Part 2 - Falkirk Bairn

In total we bought 5 cars from the same salesman - @ 3 different garages.

The first 4 were great - the fifth was "not what it said on the tin" & was the last!

VW sales and Service - Portsmouth -
I recently went to a local VW garage in Portsmouth looking to buy a new Golf, salesman was talking about building relations having previously worked for Mercedes and even had won a Guinness record for car sales!. However having pre booked an appointment, instead of showing me round just started to work out finance deals, he was taken a back when I asked to test drive a car. He eventually got the demonstrator which only had 5 miles range and could only go round industrial site. Also I had previously said I was interested in 1.0 tsi DSG (I now know to avoid) so he got 1.4 manual After Reminded him of my request got a 3 year old 1.4 DSG but said it was no diff to new 2017 model. I did ask that I wanted to try a 1.0 tsi and said he would let me know when he got one in and can have longer drive. 6 weeks later still no call. The point is that the relationship is not just with the dealer but also the the brand they represent . If the sales persons are poor, it does not bode well for after sales or the philosophy of brand. I have found that far eastern and Korean dealershis seem to offer a differerent approach where customer experience is important.
- Dag Hammar
In response to the post by RW and “Shopping Therapy”
I have recently purchased a brand new Hyundai from a franchised main dealer and the whole experience was a delight. Test drives in the specific model(s) of cars that I was interested in were organised at a day and time to suit me and the test drives, although accompanied by the salesperson, were generous in terms of the miles covered and the time taken.
Perhaps Hyundai dealers try that little bit harder to engage with the potential customer ?
- John Savill
Interesting to see more damper issues on VAG vehicles coming up in your column , where they are ‘wear and tear’ items.
On my Honda CR-Z I thought the handling had gone off a bit when it was around 3 years old. I had it serviced 1 day before the 3 year warranty was up, but didn’t mention the handling to the dealer. When I returned to pick the car up they told me there was a leaking damper on the rear, a new one had been ordered and they would fit it under warranty as soon as it arrived.
That was the only fault with it in the 7 years I owned it.
Needless to say I replaced it with another Honda, my third. The first one a 2002 Civic is still on the road with over 220000 miles on the clock.
- Doris & Boris
Test drove a Mercedes CLS from a MB dealership. Ran out of diesel 200 yds from the petrol station. Had to push it with the salesman across a roundabout to get to the forecourt. Didn't by a Mercedes from them....
- De Sisti
@ Doris & Boris; surely you would have noticed how much fuel was in the vehicle just by looking at the fuel level indicator before you test drove the car?
- jchinuk
With regard to the 'Man with a Lamb', I wonder if the recent fashion for such exotic cars being hired out for 'prom' rides has resulted in outwardly pristine, but internally (at least the engine and gearbox) clapped out supercars floating around the second-hand market.

Renting such cars, at great cost, to different 18-25 year olds (more used Novas/Fiestas/Polos) every weekend is not going to help the longevity of the cars. There are enough YouTube videos of such cars being abused, that I'd wager a small sum that the rental companies divest themselves of these mechanically wrecked cars each autumn.


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