vauxhall astra - fault code - frogmarch

Hi on my astra 1.9 cdti 120 model have had an intermittent starting problem sometimes it takes 4 or 5 turns to start or sometimes it will start straight away then the spanner light came on and plugged diagnostics in and came up with p0340-28 refer to owners manual so checked code on the net and came up with camshaft sensor is this at fault or could crank sensor be at fault , how can I test these thanks

vauxhall astra - fault code - hardway

Only a few ways to test a cam sensor,

Checking the trace on a 'scope,

or fitting a new sensor and then checking the cam/crank sync on your diagnostics,

Assuming it can read this.

Or just fitting a new cam sensor and clearing the code then checking if it comes back.

And again this is assuming it actually has a cam sensor.

My question is what diagnostic system did you use to pull the code out?

Diesel can be tricky,

I wouldn't trust a code pulled from a diesel unless it was with Tech II or Opcom.

vauxhall astra - fault code - frogmarch

Hi thanks for reply the code reader is a autel eu 702 ,I cleared code and it still not come on yet

vauxhall astra - fault code - bathtub tom

I had a cam fault code, albeit on a petrol engine. Realising the cam and flywheel (engine position locator) detectors were the same, I swapped them over. The fault code changed to the flywheel.

I now had the easier positioned faulty detector to hand and replaced it.

vauxhall astra - fault code - hardway


that's a reasonable scanner.

So I'd say fit a genuine Cam sensor.

Patern parts can be well s***.

And it's quite possible the old sensor has an internitant fault which would explain why the EML hasn't come back on.

vauxhall astra - fault code - frogmarch

Hi thanks I will do can sensor and will do cambelt at same time


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