Another winter driving tip:

If you are using your windscreen wipers, when you come to the end of your journey remember to switch them off before you switch the ignition off. The wipers will go to their 'parked' position (front and rear wipers).

When you re-start your car if its frosty or covered in snow the wipers won't be straining against being frozen to the glass or a heavy load of snow. This can cause damage to the wiper blades, wiper arms and the motor as well as the linkage levers.

Its a good idea to try to do this every time even in warmer times so that you get into the habit and do it automatically.
How to drive safely in snow and ice - Peter McGuire

Hinge your wipers facing outwards after parking -makes it easier to clean the windscreen and avoids the wipers sticking to the glass. Downside of course is making an attractive target for passing yobs.

- Odh999
High-visibility vest, a warm drink in a thermos and even a blanket. Here in Sweden a snow shovel is also useful.
- catsdad
The advice to take your feet off the pedals in a skid is potentially misleading. If you are driving a manual car in gear, taking your feet off is likely to make the skid worse as unpredictable engine braking will be applied as the tyres regain grip.

Far better in practice to floor the clutch, leaving the car in gear and letting the now undriven four wheels find their own speed and grip before gently easing the clutch back in or gently braking - depending on whether its appropriate to go or slow. I've used this method successfully over many years in snowy rural areas and you soon get the feel of what your wheels are up to rather than just abandonning the pedals.
Why no mention of winter tyres?
- Prentice Crerar
I am an advocate of cold weather tyres too. Insurance excess will pay for two tyres. And may save lots of inconvenience in the long run.

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