any - halfords 1965 - catsdad
I've just spent a nostalgic 10 minutes looking at the Halfords catalogue item on the HJ homepage. Wonderful stuff!

Well worth a look if you haven't seen it.
any - halfords 1965 - nellyjak

Chuffin' 'eck..that brought back some memories.!....probably still had my first Tartan Red Mini then.

Loved the selection of ashtrays (how times change)...and "wing" mirrors.! all pre-decimal of course.

any - halfords 1965 - daveyjp
Seatbelts, windscreen washer bottle kits and of course “completely safe” asbestos bandage for exhausts repairs!

any - halfords 1965 - Doc

Parking lamps, sump heaters, grease guns........seems like yesterday.


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