Puegeot 407 SW Diesel 2007 Reg - Sandra Davies

Hi Everyone, I have had the above motor for the last 6 months,for some reason or other it as started to lose power,there is no black smoke,I have been told by a bloke down the pub that there is something missing of the engine, that it is not legal to have it missing, Can anyone tell me what this part is please,or give me a rough idea what it could be.



Puegeot 407 SW Diesel 2007 Reg - hardway

Yeah "bloke down the pub",

So unless he's a tech ignore him.

Get a mechanic to look at it.

Puegeot 407 SW Diesel 2007 Reg - Gibbo_Wirral

I'm guessing (just like he is) that he's talking about the Diesel Particulate Filter.

While many people take theirs off and replace it with a straight through pipe, there isn't one available for Peugeots, the original filter has to be opened up and modified.

Google "Planet owners map" for details of competent Peugeot owners with diagnostic equipment and experience to help you.

Down on power could be due to a faulty MAF sensor. A failed one won't put the car in limp mode or put the engine light on.

But they're not cheap, so get a diagnostic to confirm its faulty before throwing parts at the problem.


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