MOT reminders - elekie&a/c doctor

This looks interesting ;

MOT reminders - gordonbennet

Brilliant, thanks for that, only once have i completely missed an MOT, a goodly number of years ago when my life was in turmoil, couldn't believe i was several months without, what a chump.

You can only put two cars on one phone number for text reminders as i just found out.

Is there a similar service for VED reminders i wonder?

MOT reminders - Bromptonaut

I'd overlooked fact that mine was due later this month until dealer phoned me to ask me if I wanted it done. Wouldn't have forgotten altogether 'cos this thread would have reminded me :-)

I did forget both MoT and tax once - eight or nine years ago. Just before Easter and I'd finished work at lunchtime and was checking car (Mrs B's Berlingo) for journey to visit friends in N Wales. Clocked tax disc and fasct it expired at end March - this on 7 April. MoT was 30-03. Fortunately the then local Citroen repair workshop with whom I had a good relationship fitted me in and did test on while u wait basis. I was then able to tax it on line and we left as scheduled when kids were home from school.

Back up would have been to go in my Xantia but it was periodically throwing up EMS lights at time and going to limp mode which I didn't fancy on a long journey.

MOT reminders - ExA35Owner

The AA app for smartphones checks tax and MoT online and generates reminders automatically. You can also add insurance dates and next service due. Really helpful and free.

I also use the tried and tested method of writing dates in my diary....

MOT reminders - RT

In our technology-laden world, there really is no excuse for anyone not setting a reminder - either electronically of for us Luddites, in a diary.

MOT reminders - argybargy

Usually stick a reminder on next year's calendar when we get one, but in the back of my mind I tend to retain a rough idea of when the MOT is due.

However, I will sign up for this service, as it could come in useful when my marbles start to roll away under the sideboard.

MOT reminders - Dogfuzz

I doubt if the Seat driver in my road ( an extensive mobile phone user!) whose vehicle has had no mot( or tax) for 18months will take the blind bit of notice. Might I also politely add that the reporting "authorities" might have seen the on line report-but they ain't taken any notice either!

MOT reminders - catsdad

We live on a quiet estate on the outskirts of a market town. Last week a visiting car that had only been legally parked for a couple of hours was clamped for not being taxed (due 1 August).It was gone next day so they must have paid up.

If they catch them here they will catch them anywhere so hopefully Seatman will get his just desserts.

MOT reminders - madf

In our technology-laden world, there really is no excuse for anyone not setting a reminder - either electronically of for us Luddites, in a diary.

Our hi tec method is to keep a small ring binder for each car with MOTs, service history and V5 in in clear plastic wallets .At the front is a 1 page sheet with key dates: insurance, RFL and MOT... So easy to see at a glance..


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