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I need to buy a Ggr valve for my astra which is a 1.6 (115) 16v club just seeing if you knowledgeable people know the best place to get one. Don' want to pay too much (like most) happy to buy it online. Also I want to make sure I get the right one.

Astra - Egr valve Astra 1.6 - RobJP

eurocarparts currently have a 35% off everything sale - use code WEEKEND35.

However, do get a price from a Vauxhall dealer too, you might be lucky. Sometimes they can be competitive.

Astra - Egr valve Astra 1.6 - Rich212121

Thank Rob.

Do you or anybody else but from eBay? Should I be looking on there for a new part as there prices seem alor lower (guessing no overheads etc)


Astra - Egr valve Astra 1.6 - RobJP

The problem with ebay is that quality can be very variable - from OEM quality to cheap dross that fails after a few weeks.

Remember with ebay feedback that it's given soon after purchase - if the parts are failing 2-3 months down the line, that will not be reflected in the feedback.

Astra - Egr valve Astra 1.6 - Rich212121

That is a fair point.

The part I think I'm looking for is 424720041 but I'm not sure if that' the only one which will fit the car.

Astra - Egr valve Astra 1.6 - Rich212121

So mime for example is 424720041 but would 17200272 fit as that seem to go with a 16v astra like mine?

Astra - Egr valve Astra 1.6 - Peter.N.

What I do when buying from ebay is carefully compare the pictures of the product from different sellers, you will often find that the same one is being sold at different prices.

I have had a considerable early failure problem with drop links, only lasting about a year, the engineering is not the problem its poor quality rubber boots allowing the ingress of water after a relatively short time.

I bought a water pump for a 406 and on comparing the pictures I found they all looked identical - at a range of different prices.

Astra - Egr valve Astra 1.6 - Simon
My advice would be to fit a blanking plate instead.

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