Volvo V60/S60 - Huge arm rest Volvo V60/S60 - Wayne Dibbley

I test drove a V60 the other day, nice car but had one anoying issue.

The centre arm rest/ storage compartment is very high and forces your arm in to an unatural position for shifting gear.

Wondered if anyone else had a problem with this and indeed if you get used to it?

Volvo V60/S60 - Huge arm rest Volvo V60/S60 - badbusdriver

I have the opposite problem with our Honda jazz and had the same issue with our previous car, a hyundai i30, with the armrest being too low. And it does irritate me. The car we had before that was a Vauxhall Meriva, the spec we got (my wife gets a motability car) did not come with an armrest, but after sitting in a higher spec car in the showroom and finding the armrest ideally placed for me, I paid the extra £50 to get it as an optional extra. The 2006 ford transit connect I use for work has it's armrest mounted on the drivers seat, and is at a perfect height for me.

Volvo V60/S60 - Huge arm rest Volvo V60/S60 - Avant

It doesn't get in my way in the V60, although I like a high diving position and have the seat as high as possible.

In SWMBO's A1 there's an armrest which would get in the way but we leave it permanently in the vertical position.

Volvo V60/S60 - Huge arm rest Volvo V60/S60 - corax

I can't stand centre arm rests. If there is one, it is flipped out of the way. My elbow always hits it when changing gear.

A good arm rest on the door is another thing entirely. The padded ones are great for long journeys to stop a tender albow.

I suppose it doesn't help that the seat is always as low as I can get it - not because I need the head room, but most seats have a crude and useless height adjustment that only raises the back of the chair and puts you in a 'tipped' position, which I don't find comfortable.


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