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Copy of email to MG

Dear Sirs,

I liked the look of the MG ZS in the early press releases and saw one in a car park last week, and so went to the dealers, where I was informed by an friendly young trainee salesman that they would have the vehicles in this week. My questions were answered with courtesy and as much information as he could give.

As i was on my way past this morning, I popped in when i saw a car in the showroom.

The trainee said that there would be a car for test drives in a few days, but was sent away by an older salesman who absolutely astonished me with some of his remarks,

He started to tell me that "we will never sell a base model" which is what i would be interested in, mostly because of the wheel tyre combination, and also because it would NOT have the touchscreen interface, which i believe to be a distraction in a motor vehicle. And very seriously not the GHASTLY false leather seats. He suggested that I buy the most expensive car and buy a set of steel wheels to replace the larger alloys. ??

The salesman then astonished me again by telling me that he would not like to take a base model back as a "trade in" a few years from now.

MG ZS - How not to sell a car - daveyK_UK

Went to see one today, was still in its delivery wrapping.

Impressive amount of rear space, not a bad car.

Priced correctly, they will sell plenty of them.

MG ZS - How not to sell a car - Engineer Andy

Given how few cars MG sells in the UK, you'd think they wouldn't care what cars they sold, as long as they did and the customer was happy with what they were buying? I and others have come across the same 'attutude' at Volvo dealers who don't want to sell us a petrol V40, and especially the T3/T4 engined models, even AFTER dieselgate had erupted world-wide. Did these sales people go to the 'Gerald Ratner University of Sales Persons?'



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