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Hi all. Looking at getting a cheap run around that hopefully will last. Got my eye on a 2004 Nissan Primera with 95k on the clock. Anyone have experience with these? Only £1000. Tips to look out for and are they any good? Seem to get more for your money at this price with the Japanese cars. Otherwise I’m looking at Ford Focus but for almost double don’t know if it’s worrh it. Cheers in advance.
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The earlier two generations of Primera were excellent cars but sadly the Mk III was designed and built after Renault took control of the firm and both drivability and quality nosedived. The diesels are unreliable and although it still uses Nissan engines they're prone to timing chain issues and plenty of electrical gremlins.

Keep it as basic as possible, forget diesel and stick with the 1.8/2.0 petrols and buy only if there's proof of annual oil changes. Ask to hear it start from stone cold then when you arrive to view get the bonnet open and feel the engine for any heat, if it's warm then they've started it to hide either a starting fault or a rattling timing chain. £1,000 is enough to get the best of these as there's next to no demand. Decent running cars can be had for £300 with some Mot left.

As with all older cars though rot is an issue. Front crossmembers and subframes are weak points on these so get under it and have a good look.

Don't restrict yourself to one particular car at this money, condition is more important than anything but a few good budget options I'd look for include...

Mazda 3
Mazda 6
Ford Focus 1.6
Toyota Corolla 1.4/1.6
Honda Civic 1.4/1.6

All petrol.

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From a reliability point of view, one of these would be a better bet,


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I drove one of these cars up to 188k miles, it has many Renault Laguna parts which is a negative factor. Raod tax is not cheap and fuel economy not the best, but it's spacious with a decent boot and generally well specced. Also look at the Nissan Primera Owners Club for more information. Hope you've checked the MOT history online too.

If you have any further questions do post, I'll come back with replies.


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