Skoda Superb - Air con- caught between a rock and a hot place! - Sungem
Briefly, new lease car December2016. Cold weather so thought air con ok! Summer and father in law says air con warm?Lease comp says go to main dealer. Main dealer said 'there is observable damage on the condenser, caused by a warranty cover-all costs (£200 re gas, plus new condenser, very very expensive) all over to me!Main dealer actually said 'Did you hit a pheasant or something?' No, I would remember. Went to independent garage and they re-gassed for £175 and said no gas in the system but no damage either? Their conclusion was, little or no gas was ever in there from new.! Complaint to lease comp was finally upheld after three weeks of being bounced back and forth and i got a refund. Now I no longer trust the main dealer as they were so quick to suggest that the issue was down to me. Luckily second opinion was upheld by lease company.
Skoda Superb - Air con- caught between a rock and a hot place! - elekie&a/c doctor

As I have previously reported on a number of occasions,I have been in the auto a/c business for over 40 years.The number of condensors that have been genuinely damaged by a stone or similar I can count on one hand.I have seen condensors bent like a banana after striking something on the road and they don't leak.Main dealers always spin this yarn about stone damage hoping the customer will swallow the bill. The other problem you have here,is that this car is using the new YF gas which is currently causing major issues with leakage.A car 9 months of age should not need a re-charge.I would monitor the situation closely.

Skoda Superb - Air con- caught between a rock and a hot place! - Sungem
Thank you for your response. The independent garage were more than helpful, especially as their condition report went to the main dealer! The problem I will have in one year is whether to risk another lease car or go for an older one and buy it?

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