Meriva A CDTi 1,7 diesel - spanner light fixed it - Charles Mcguinness

For the last 3 or 4 years my spanner light lit up on starting my car. It went off when I had turned the engine off, removed the key, heard a 'click' from fuel pump I think, then started car and spanner light did not reappear.

Annoying but it was not part of yearly MOT so I got used to switching on as above.

Had checked lots of info on youtube and internet but never found a cure.

Was advised problem could be the immobilisor, so I changed car key battery, no change.

Was advised it was linked to INSP note on the mileometer, which I reset but no change.

Bought a cheap code reader but no joy,

Took it to Vauxhall, no joy

Saw a video which advised changing EGR valve on a 1,7 engine in a Corsa, no joy

I change my oil and filters every 8000 miles and add cleaners to the diesel

Have recently had cambelt changed at 75000

Car is an 08 on 77,000 miles. It became difficult to start, just turning over slowly so I changed the glow plugs. Amazing, NO MORE SPANNER LIGHT. Result at last. £20 for plugs and £4 for a long reach socket plus 2 hours of my time. Awfully cramped and fiddly in that engine bay

Car still difficult to start so a new battery was put in and it starts just like new

Last three fuel changes needed car to get a jump start, Maybe with new battery it will pull the fuel through and I wont need a tow

Hope this helps as this problem had annoyed me for so long

Meriva A CDTi 1,7 diesel - spanner light fixed it - gordonbennet

I hate the idea of having to wind the starter over for minutes at a time to draw fuel through after a filter change, is this another poor design (even Merc failed this test on the venerable W124, though the filter could be pre filled) where the maker has saved 50p by not providing a primer pump/bellows to fill the prime the fuel system?

Is the filter a sealed unit that you could pre fill with clean fuel before fitting? where possible i always do so.

Even if this is possible it does not excuse the makers who cheap skate here with shoddy second rate design work, may these companies have a just and well deserved fate.

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