Best Insurance for a car not driven much - Warning

I have put my old car for sale, but I am still holding on to it for a while. The car is less worth£950. My mileage is about 1,500 miles or less per year.

Just wondering, what is the best insurance for someone in situation? Tired moneysupermarket and quote is around £500+. I am in higher crime area.

Never had accident and 10+ year NCB.

I do have another car, which I use more often (the replacement).

Best Insurance for a car not driven much - badbusdriver

Best solution would be to just get rid of the 2nd car, as it sounds like you could easily manage without it. If you really have to keep it, you are just going to have to keep trying different companies. Bear in mind, plenty of them won't be on all of the price comparison websites, some won't be on any.

If you only need a 2nd car a few times a year, it may well be cheaper (than spending £500) to hire a basic car as and when.


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