Renault grand scenic 1.9 DCI 2004 - Steering fault advice - Renaultdriverman

So....last week I had a steering fault show on the dash and the steering went super heavy, then the car died, we had the car recovered to Renault who charged us £200 for a diagnosis and put the fault as the battery so £120 for a new battery and Renault confirmed this solved the issue.

Skip to 48 hours later I jump in the car and what comes up on the dash?? You got it 'steering fault'

So we got the AA out who plugged in their machine and confirmed it's the steering motor so needs a new column. Back to Renault we go. Renault are now saying that this didn't show on their system and we need a new steering column but have yet to give us a price. The AA have said this should of come up on Renault's diagnosis and unsure as to why it didn't. We have been in touch with customer service who have said they won't help with the cost of the repair even though this is a common problem and they wrongly diagnosed it. Is there anything we can do to get this sorted. Our bill was £970 as we had the heating fixed also. So in the space of a week we payed that and are now looking at from my research minimum of £1200. We simply can't afford that and really need some advice. Im not overly motor minded and don't know anyone in the industry that can help. Also I'm not sure about scrap yards and second hand parts.

Thanks all

Renault grand scenic 1.9 DCI 2004 - Steering fault advice - Charlie Croker

Regardless of the technicalities, I would at minimum ask for the £200 back on the miss diagnosis as a gesture of good will.

Consumer rights cover services as well as goods, so if they are not willing as good will you could look that up or tell them your are going to and that might change thier mind.

Renault grand scenic 1.9 DCI 2004 - Steering fault advice - Renaultdriverman

Thanks Charlie, I shall have a look into what you suggested . Yes I will be asking for the £200 back.

They are now waiting for a master technician to look at it. I gave them the paperwork from AA with the fault code on it. They have done another diagnosis and all of a sudden it shows on their system but still have to get a third opinion. Is this normal?


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