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Hi - just collected my 2012MY HSE with detatchable towbar with the intention of towing an Ifor Williams twin axle horse box with 2 ponies in it.
I know the towing capacity of the RRS will easily pull this, but Im concerned about the nose weight of 150kg.
I dont expect the centre of gravity of the load to be abonomal i.e. it should be right over the axles
Does anyone have experience in this area, any warnings ?

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Your range rover sport is an extremely heavy car, tipping the scales at around 2.5 tons, so I don't for a minute think the nose weight of 150kg would have any effect at all. 2 ponies, depending on size could be 750kg+, plus whatever the trailer itself weighs (300kg?), so 150kg on the nose surely is fine.

Regarding centre of gravity and weight distribution, with 2 ponies in the back, I'd expect you to be driving like you'd a 4 tier wedding cake in the back, i.e, very very careful and gentle acceleration, braking and cornering!

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I had a Dutch built twin axle double horse box, which i towed behind my old Landcruiser many moons ago, probably a similar size and weight to the Ifor but it had indy suspension.

Anyway, the thing is with twin axled trailers is that they have a natural hitch height, unlike a single axle, so ideally your towball height wants to be right for the trailer as it sits naturally, you can buy adjustable drop plates but they may not be suitable for detachable towbars, hopefully yours will be right straight off.

Other than that horse boxes are very stable for towing, i could travel at quite unmentionable speeds, without horses on board obviously, and the combo never twitched loaded or not.

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Like most SUVs with a 3,500 kg towing limit your RR Sport is probably rated at 280-350 kg noseweight for those sold in Australia or North America - Europe puts up with much lower limits so don't be concerned that your 140 kg is somehow overloading it.

Us caravanners can adjust our noseweight by moving items backwards or forwards but I guess you can't do that with horses and you're reliant on Ifor Wiliams design ability - given their popularity I doubt there's an issue there.

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I have a Richardson ultra trailer which I used to tow with disco td5, 2 large horses, right about twin axle nose finds correct height, bar was adjustable, now use freelander 2 with detachable bar which is spot on for height, though can only take lower weight now, your 2 ponies no issue weight wise.. Trailer has old 7 pin electrics but converts through screw in adaptor to new type socket, less than £10 if you need it. Make sure trailer brakes are working!

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