Flash flash, thank you - hillman

I have recently noticed a movement to say Thank You with two or three flashes of the emergency lights. The first one was from a bus and the second from a taxi now private cars are starting to say thank you in this way. Do any of the BRs know the law in this case ?

Flash flash, thank you - efad2

Buses and hgv have done this for years as the driver can not be seen from behind as is the case with cars where a thank you can be given with the hand I dont think the laws mention the apart from use when creating a hazard eg broken down (oh and of course when parking where you shouldn't tic)

Flash flash, thank you - RT

Technically it's illegal to use hazard flashers for anything other than indicating a hazard - and illegal on a moving vehicle except during an emergency stop.

HGVs used to use the L-R indicators in quick sequence to say thank you for being flashed after overtaking but it now seems to be 2-3 flashes of the hazards used.

As a caravanner, I find some HGVs flash when it's safe to pul back in, but many don't bother - I suspect because many car drivers don't bother to say "thank you" - I've now adopted the hazards flash style of thank you.

Coaches never seem to say thank you to caravanners, I don't know if they do to HGVs.

Flash flash, thank you - bolt

I don't know if they do to HGVs

I think it depends on the drivers mood, some do some do not, but a thank you using hazards used to be the norm, but not many give a thank you at all now, especialy some merc bmw audi drivers who seem to be in another world!

Flash flash, thank you - coopshere
The quick left and right indicator flash is not possible now on a lot of modern cars as a touch of the stalk gives an automatic three flashes.
Flash flash, thank you - ExA35Owner

Long ago you could buy a message display for the back window which lit up to say "Thank you." A brilliant idea for that situation, not so much use when someone lets you across a lane of traffic.....

Flash flash, thank you - gordonbennet

The indicator waggle is actually quite a recent thing, lorry drivers of a previous generation might or might not indicate after receiving a flash, the accepted thanks in those days was a short flick of the side lights followed by a longer period, say one second followed by two/three seconds, if at night then shorter off flicks of the lights were the rule.

Not many lorry drivers use hazards to thank people, its not ideal because if hazards are needed to warn people in an emergency, well its the same as crying wolf.

The side light flash isn't possible for many now because so many lorry's side lights are permanently on when running, along with those idiotic DRL's.

My own method of thanks is usually two or three flashes of the indicator the way i'm going, then a gap of a couple of seconds and another couple of flashes the same way...i do not agree with any indication that could confuse, and indicating the wrong way is common enough among the incompetent anyway without any more.

warning minor rant moment, please feel free not to read the section below.

As an aside, i nominate Oxfordshire for having the most ill mannered discourteous and thoroughly incompetent car and van drivers (putting themselves in danger) of all the counties, and oh boy is there some competition out there.

You expect London to be a place where manners have been abolished, where showing courtesy would be something almost to be ashamed of even if they were aware of such a thing, and you would be right, but i thought the good folk of Oxon thought themselves a cut above, especially noticeable among older men (who really should know how to behave) and women in pseudo 4x4's who have abolutely perfected discourtesy.

By the way i'm not expecting pro driver standards (nor would i expect to perform other people's jobs as well as they do), but if people wonder why us low life lorry driver types have lost some of our good natured courtesy, its because we were not put on this earth to protect you from your own idiocy, nor do we take kindly to it being obvious we are lower forms of life who need not be thanked when we have yet again , for the umpteenth time in the last hour taken appropriate action to help you or in too many cases save you from yourselves, and been competely ignored for our courtesy and trouble.

By the way, i never ever fail to thank a courtesy from someone else, doesn't matter how low or high they are on the social scale (sadly this is part of the problem here i suspect), a thankyou waved and or smiled costs nothing.

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Flash flash, thank you - argybargy

I don't think the law has any input where this is concerned, but stand to be corrected.

Hazard flashers are just that: warning devices. You sometimes see them being used when traffic in front of you is slowing down rapidly on a motorway, which to my mind is exactly what they were designed for. You also see them misused by folks who think that by putting their flashers on, they can sit on double yellow lines for an indefinite period.

Lorry drivers have for years used flashers to acknowledge other lorry drivers who allow them to move in front after passing, and I do it during bad weather when someone gives way and due to bad visibility wouldn't be able to see me raise a hand.

They're useful, but as with flashing headlights, can definitely be misinterpreted.

Flash flash, thank you - veryoldbear

Ah, sounds like a bad morning on the A34.

Flash flash, thank you - gordonbennet

Ah, sounds like a bad morning on the A34.

No different to any other day in hell.:-), merely the observations of a lifetime.

Flash flash, thank you - Bilboman

There are several Youtube videos featuring Chris Gilbert (here's one: www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVtQ4NN5_-Q), who gives an amazing running commentary whilst driving, which includes a number of verbalised and waved thankyous to pedestrians and drivers who have given way to the police car on a blues and twos callout. It may be that the intended thankyou didn't reach its intended target from time to time, but the action of doing it and thinking it through every time shows an awareness of other drivers that I would guess that 90% of drivers simply do not have.

Alternative point of view (from "Very British Problems"): Flashing your indicators to thank a fellow motorist, just in case they missed your mini wave, thumbs-up, arm raise and hazard lights

Flash flash, thank you - hillman

GB's rant about Oxfordshire and London strikes a chord. Here in the Peak District and East Cheshire we are still quite civilised.

The double flash of the hazard lights occurs when signalling thank you to someone following you. We thank other drivers facing one by a quick wave of the hand when giving way when the road is narrow or letting drivers have right of way. At night I say thank you by switching off the headlights momentarily (or course leaving the sidelights on). The other driver wouldn't otherwise see my wave. I have a rant of my own regarding those drivers who say thank you to someone approaching from the front by switching on the main beam, thus momentarily dazzling them.


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