Citroen - Fuel - glow plug relay? - Turtle66
Citroen Berlingo van - 2007

Fuel/glow plug problem - hot running becomes a non-starter and RAC advised a faulty fuel pressure switch/sensor?

All the research I’ve done points to a ‘multi-function relay’ issue?

Would these be the same thing?

Is this easily replaced by a DIY’er?

Any advice gratefully received!

Thanks in advance.

Citroen - Fuel - glow plug relay? - Peter.N.

Glow plugs make very little difference to starting on an Hdi engine unless you live in Siberia. I have had problems with the pressure sensor on the back of the HP diesel pump on the earlier engines causing all sorts of problems including non or difficulr starting when hot. That was on the 8 valve engine yours will most probably be a sixteen which may use a different pump.

Citroen - Fuel - glow plug relay? - hardway

If you want any kind of accuracy then post engine size.

Citroen - Fuel - glow plug relay? - Turtle66
Apologies, I thought I had - 1.6
Citroen - Fuel - glow plug relay? - elekie&a/c doctor

This will be the Ford/Psa Dv6 engine. I would suggest a more in depth investigation is needed.Fuel pressure is critical on a crd engine. Actual values from a dignostic tester are the next step to proceed any further.Has the fuel filter been replaced ?This engine is very susceptible to a blocked filter.

Citroen - Fuel - glow plug relay? - hardway

Agree with the "Doc",

I'd be looking at live data on the scanner,

As stated above the fuel rail pressure in graph form will give more information.

Glow plugs usually not an issue for starting faults on these engines.

Citroen - Fuel - glow plug relay? - Gibbo_Wirral

There's a great Lexia diagnostics owners map on frenchcarforum.


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