Toyota Prius / Auris? - Toyota Prius - High Oil consumption issues - eustace

Any one come accross this issue of high oil consumption, reported on the GEN 3 Prius?

Apparently Toyota has released a TSB regarding this, to replace updated piston rings and pistons, for cars affected by this.

Most of the posts seem to be in U.S., though there are some from UK based owners as well.

Reminds me of the similar issue with the earlier vvti engines...

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Toyota Prius / Auris? - Toyota Prius - High Oil consumption issues - gordonbennet

Wot? not denying a problem exists, not blaming the customer or trying to stitch him up?

Yet again putting their hands up and fixing something which has gone wrong, this behaviour will never catch on .:-)

If only MrT could get his design staff to stop blatting their designs with the ugly stick they would be wiping the floor with other makers who adhere to the first method.

Toyota Prius / Auris? - Toyota Prius - High Oil consumption issues - eustace

Problem is some people buy a Toyota purely on their reputation for reliability.

They are not at the belleding edge on design or driving dynamics.

And when there is a quality issue on a Toyota, it's probably like seeing a wart on the face of Helen of Troy.

It's good that Toyota put's up their habd and acknowledges the issue.

But on the other hands ity's bad that they are limiting fixes to cars under 6 years old,

When there is an inherent design issue with a component, I think Toyota should replace a defective component Free of Cost, as long as the rest of the car still works fine.

Maybe they can charge for the labour or something.

That would really bolster their reputation, rather than limiting fixes to cars under 6 years old.

Shame though, because they are otherwise such good cars...

Toyota Prius / Auris? - Toyota Prius - High Oil consumption issues - colinh

On my second Auris HSD - never had to top-up oil, and most of my motoring is motorway cruising. Also Spanish dealers don't use the preferred 0-20w oil but bog-standard 5-20w

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Toyota Prius / Auris? - Toyota Prius - High Oil consumption issues - focussed

Amazing that a company with Toyota's provenance has a problem with basic technology such as pistons and ring packs. It's not the first time either, wasn't there a problem with their diesels a few years back?

Toyota Prius / Auris? - Toyota Prius - High Oil consumption issues - Avant

Eustace - I can only repeat what I said in your other thread:

Every car has its faults, and remember that satisfied owners don't post on their make's forums nearly as often as dissatisfied ones.

There's always going to be an element of risk when buying a used car, that the previous owner(s) will have neglected and/or abused it. I suspect that Toyota owners are generally a more careful lot, and with Toyota's good reputation for reliability an Auris or a Prius is going to be less of a gamble than most.

Try to read some of the good news as well as the bad. There's plenty of evidence that hybrid Toyotas are just as reliable, and last just as long, as other Toyotas.

You've done enough agonising. Now go for it.

Toyota Prius / Auris? - Toyota Prius - High Oil consumption issues - Big John

The Toyota hybrid now very popular with Taxi drivers especially now in some towns local driving doesn't suit diesel cars with DPFs. Many are doing starship mileages and servicing costs are low (eg with local driving brake pads last and last as most of the braking is regenerative).

I know quite a few people running Toyota Hybrids in various cars (2 X Prius, 1 X Auris and 1 X Yaris) and all love them. The oldest Prius in this bunch did start burning oil but this was a broken PCV valve causing oil to be blown past valve oil seals (easy fix).

I did consider one for myself when I last changed cars but didn't for three reasons

  1. My tall and ample frame doesn't seem to suit Toyota seats
  2. When I bought my 14 plate Superb petrol (year old at the time) I got such a good deal a similar age Prius was £10k more!
  3. My wife doesn't like the look of them (and the new Prius is super ugly now!)

I am however impressed with how the hybrid oily bits work - mechanically suprisingly simple with very clever electronic management

When I next change my car things may be different - Back in 2015 (before dieselgate) no one wanted a big petrol car so you could pick them up cheap - times have changed !

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Toyota Prius / Auris? - Toyota Prius - High Oil consumption issues - bolt

apart from looks, they seem to go on forever, but I wish majority of their drivers would drive them, not treat them as though the car has something wrong with it, some drive so slow they cause traffic tailbacks which I find annoying

Didnt Toyota change piston ring manufacturers some years ago because of the same problem?


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