- glidermania
I totally agree with HJ about 'left foot' braking in automatics. After a while LFB becomes second nature in all except an emergency braking.

And while I agree with HJ about that woman and her witness who somehow convinced a jury (probably not one of them had driven an auto) when knocking down and killing an innocent person, is HJ trying to get himself sued continually naming her in every answer to LFB?
- CMclean
After over 40 years of using my left foot to operate the clutch on manual boxes, range change, splitter and even pre-select gearboxes I would not contemplate trying to re-educate my left leg to use for the brake.
I totally agree with CMclean`s comment on left foot braking. I have been driving a manual for 48 years & have changed to an auto. Great choice. My right foot does the braking & acceleration as for the last 48 years & my left foot is now resting, no problem.
PB. Blackpool
- GSTheo
HJ always bangs on about left foot braking in autos but its not right for everyone and is advice that should be carefully given. It's fine for folks who will never drive a manual again but could cause potentially catastrophic confusion when a panicking driver finds themselves stamping on the clutch pedal instead of the brake - leading to vital split seconds of braking time being lost. That's apart from the superior modulation most right footed people will have in their better foot.

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