Skoda Kodiaq - New Car collection procedures - Steveieb
My colleagues Kodiaq is ready for collection from the Main Dealers.
Can you give any advice to avoid any pitfalls.
Skoda Kodiaq - New Car collection procedures - RobJP

Inspect it - thoroughly - before driving it at all. That includes all alloys for damage, etc. Get alongside the car, look down the bodywork carefully, checking for dents, etc.

If he's spending less than 10-15 minutes, then he's glancing at it. You'd be surprised how many minor little dings even a 'new' car can have.

Skoda Kodiaq - New Car collection procedure - catsdad
I agree with Rob re bodywork/paint.

In particular look out for "watermarks" and spots like peacock markings where transit film has trapped moisture and left marks that can only be treated by respray. These are easy to miss and you might need to look right into the paint to see them. Bit like looking at those 3D prints that were popular a few years back.

I think its due to water based paints and moisture trapping.
Skoda Kodiaq - New Car collection procedure - madf

Check everything works.. I bought a new Peugoet in 1993 - the interior boot light had no bulb...the promised car mats were not in a Fiesta etc...Unfortunatley many dealers are incompetent.

Skoda Kodiaq - New Car collection procedure - Happy Blue!

Is it the model ordered with all the kit as specified? An uncle of my wife bought a new Ford Orion GL many years ago. He went to collect the car and noticed that a couple of bits were missing. He walked around the car and realised the car was a L not a GL. Cue lots of embarrassed sales people, much checking of paperwork, a grovelling apology and a free rental car whilst they sourced the correct car.

Skoda Kodiaq - New Car collection procedure - ExA35Owner

Zillions of years ago a colleague ordered a Cortina in New Zealand spec, to run in UK before he and the can moved to NZ. Among the more obvious errors on delivery was that it was LHD!

Skoda Kodiaq - New Car collection procedures - Smileyman

years ago I collected new car .... discovered the tyres were at over 40psi ... presumably a transit setting that had been overlooked as part of the PDI

I am pleased to say the SEAT Toledo I purchased last month was in perfect condition, tyres correct pressure, headlight alignment OK, floor mats in place, on board settings set to UK gallons & miles (not US or km/litres) etc.


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