VW - AWX 130 PD ! - Joseph Holt

Finally, after months and months of searching & viewing, I have myself a 130 PD !!

A Passat saloon, SE, 53reg, 1 owner from new, full service history, and just shy of 50k miles.

I have wasted no time at all getting stuck in to all the Passat fault reccomendations as told by Craig 130 and 659 FBE. ......

upper suspension arm pinch bolts, T.R.end pinch bolts. plenum chamber and pollen gasket.

The pull with this engine is just brilliant.


VW - AWX 130 PD ! - craig-pd130

Good find, look after it! Does it have the 5-speed manual gearbox?

659 preferred the AWX with 5-speed box, I loved the AVF with 6-speed box but the AWF/5-speed is probably better for longevity.

VW - AWX 130 PD ! - SLO76
At 50k it's not even run in, I've flogged em with well over 150k and not once have I had one bit of bother. Even the (extremely) tatty 53 plate I sold as a £400 stop gap runner to a family friend in need last year with 4mths ticket, 170k and rust on every panel has refused to die yet again by flying through yet another Mot with less than £100 in minor repairs. VW's finest hour. The SE in particular is a very comfortable place to be with none of that daft overly firm suspension nonsense we see on too many German cars today. Looked after properly it's likely to outlast a new equivalent.
VW - AWX 130 PD ! - Steveieb
Have the AWX 130 in my A 4 and in all my motoring life including a refresh at A yearly test day at Millbrook I am totally astounded by the shear performance and economy of this engine.

After years of searching for the ideal car I have at last found my Niiverna.

My ideal version would be the A4 Avant with exactly the same power train.

Remember driving one of these after buying a MK 6 Diesel Golf and it made me question my choice, and had massive regrets.

Progress ? ?
VW - AWX 130 PD ! - Joseph Holt

Thanks Craig & Slo, yes it has what I understand is the more reliable 5 speed box, and the timing belt has been changed twice, obviously age related rather than mileage.at 22k and again at45k.

Slo, you are correct about the suspension, it is a very comfortable ride, 205/60/15 tyres.

As far as i can see, only one doubt for the mot next month, and that is a cracking cv boot, not split or leaking, probably an advisory, we'll see.

I bought it at BCA Derby, and paid a helluva lot more than £400 Slo! LOL.

Any more help or tips are most welcome.


VW - AWX 130 PD ! - craig-pd130

It's worth having a good poke around the engine bay (under the engine cover) to locate all of the vacuum pipes that distribute vacuum to the EGR valve, and especially the variable-nozzle turbo actuator. These can get worn or split due to age, underbonnet heat or bad routing, and this can in turn cause all sorts of niggling symptoms. They can easily be replaced with silicone vacuum tubing from a motor factor (or eBay vendors, which sell it by length, just pick the right internal diameter of hose).

Same with the N75 and N18 solenoids which switch the vacuum between the various pipes: these can start to stick as they get old, giving mysterious symptoms. Don't replace if you don't have any problems, but if you do start to get strange engine behaviour such as intermittent boost, etc, look at these first.

Also, the big hoses which carry boost from the turbo to intercooler, and intercooler to engine can go soft and split. Easy diagnosis - you get zero turbo boost and a lot of whooshing noises - and again, easy to replace if needed.

But if in 3rd gear, you can plant the throttle and the car leaps forward and keeps on revving to 4,000+ without hesitation, it's probably fine.

VW - AWX 130 PD ! - corax

Also, running issues can be caused by the injector harness insulation breaking down because it runs through the rocker cover and is submerged in oil. A replacement harness is easily available.

It amazes me how long they survive actually, being in contact with very hot oil.

Great cars despite their well known faults. The Highline has really comfortable leather seats, good ride, driving position and that stonking engine. They really went backwards with the B6 version.

VW - AWX 130 PD ! - Steveieb
Had a few electrical gremlins which turned out to be caused by a weak battery.
VW - AWX 130 PD ! - Joseph Holt

A big thank you to everybody for some very usefull info, I know where to come if I need help.


VW - AWX 130 PD ! - Steveieb

Most important always use PD spec oil because anything else can damage the cams!

VW - AWX 130 PD ! - Joseph Holt

Cheers Steve, I actually changed the oil& filter at weekend, I got a mann filter from europarts, and used 5/30 fully synthetic oil which I think is VAG 507 variable servicing compliant.

The hardest part was the under engine covers, I have run up ramps in my garage which helps getting underneath, but I do miss the pits from work,...I retired a couple of years ago.



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