- gordonbennet
Regarding the choice between Isuzu and Toyota pick ups.
Yes the Hilux 3 litre may well have a cambelt but its the easiest cambelt i've ever seen to do so, timed at one hours labour too so even at the main dealer @ 90k intervals its a cheap job.

No water pump to replace, don't even need to take the fan/auxilliary drive belt off, though it makes sense to check the condition of it after 90k miles i changed mine for belt and braces, the substantial cambelt only drives the camshaft and its own tensioner nothing else, all timing marks are easily seen.

6x10mm bolts removes the plastic cam cover, turn engine over via crank pulley bolt to align timing marks, 2 bolts sees the tensioner off, 1 bolt holds the idler wheel in place, replace idler wheel and tensioner, slip cambelt on, check timing marks are still in line (making sure the belt is not slack on its long run), remove grenade style clip holding tensioner spring back, belt is now tensioned, check once again timing marks are correct and you can always turn the engine over via the crank pulley bolt two revolutions to double check, refit cover, make cup of tea and acknowledge yet another brilliant design by Mr T's excellent engineers.

Landcruiser with 3 litre is same engine, I changed my own with a Gates full kit including new tensioner @ around £80, takes the aforesaid 1 hour first time, next time i reckon 40 minutes tops.

All cambelt drives should be designed like this.

I'd also dispute the auto box not being good, please try one for yourself, preferably in a 3 litre Hilux HL3 or Invincible spec.
- aufdermaur
I wish HJ would refrain from referring to the EU as the EC...I'm sure Londoner Govey probably doesn't even drive.
Honest John’s Motoring Agony Column 09-09-2017 Part II - trefordian

Honest John is quite correct: the EU is the European Union, the EC is the European Commission which enforces regulations and directives. Only the Commission, which is unelected, can propose EU legislation. Many Brexiteers consider the EC deeply undemocratic, if not downright anti-democratic, in its nature and operation. Google 'EU democratic deficit' and see.


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