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Further to Class Distinction above, tiresomely Mercedes offers the German market (for one, maybe others too) a range of petrol-engined E class models (shown on its German website) not available in the UK.

Also about choosing a diesel, have you not previously noted the expected materially higher maintenance costs from eventually having to replace or refurbish the various anti-pollution devices, so it is not just a question of their unsuitability for mostly short journeys?
Honest John's Motoring Agony Column 09-09-2017 - Chris James

There is a petrol partculate filter coming soon - in fact some manufacturers such as VAG are already fitting them to production petrol engines with Mercedes and "many more" opting to follow soon.

Source:- www.autoexpress.co.uk/volkswagen/tiguan/96578/vw-t...s

And with several, credible worldwide sources declaring that some modern petrols are worse than much older pre-DPF diesels for emitting high levels of exactly the same damaging particulates, I reckon its only a matter of time before their fitment becomes mandatory to all engines. So, I suspect that the balance in relation to the cost of maintaining the emissions control equipment will be the same in the future, regardless of what fuel your car uses.

In addition, if the method of regeneration of petrol particulate filters is the same as their diesel counterparts, then several years in the future its going to be very difficult to find a car which is suited to short journeys.

For those pushing the Petrol over Diesel advice, also take a read of this


There are several other sources, all saying exactly the same thing. Petrols can be just as damaging as diesels as far as those particulates are concerned, even more so when the other noxious substances they emit are taken into consideration.

So why drive a diesel and poison the Country with damaging particulates, when you can drive a petrol and kill off the same people with three nasty emissions, including Benzoapyrene, which is carcinogenic. Isn't petrol just as much of a problem?.

I wonder how long it will be before "petrolgate" begins?, same tax, same city bans and a whole exciting new witch hunt. Eventually those diesel owners swapping for petrol will face the exactly same issues and city taxes as they are worried about now, as the circle continues, which is why I keep an open mind in relation to the crusade to move motorists away from diesels.

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- Arminius JP
@ Chris James - most interesting, thanks for posting.

When will they tell us electric power is a health hazard?

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