Vauxhall Corsa - Corsa laid up 12 mths, discs rusty - matstro

Hi all, my son's Vauxhall Corsa C has been SORN for 12 mths (laid up with 6mths MOT and fully drivable) and has the usual rust on discs. Its booked for an MOT next Tuesday. Do I just drive it round the back roads until the brakes are quiet and the rust is scrubbed off prior to MOT or should I be replacing pads, shoes and taking discs off and cleaning them? I'm kind of thinking I'll be lambasted for suggesting the above yet realistically isnt this what everyone does?! I can insure the car but cant tax as it has no MOT.

Vauxhall Corsa - Corsa laid up 12 mths, discs rusty - gordonbennet

The discs being rusty wouldn't bother me too much at this stage, but i would be inclined to jack the car up, take the pads out, and exercise the pistons a few times, lubing things especially the sliders up as you go.

Similar with the drums, i'd have them off and make sure the cylinders are all operating freely and the parking brake cable is free, do this by holding one shoe in place whilst an assistant operates the brake pedal gently, then repeat with the other shoe, obviously only take one drum off at a time, againa little lube where needed.

You'll know within half a mile if the discs are going to clean up properly, but unless really heavily pitted i wouldn't bother changing them until the car needs new pads anyway.

I hope it hasn't been left with the parking brake on, similarly hope the clutch plate hasn't rusted solid to the pressure plate.

Vauxhall Corsa - Corsa laid up 12 mths, discs rusty - matstro

thanks Gordon, no the clutch is ok and I made sure the hand brake was left off. I will do as you suggest and go from there, thanks again..


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