The lies continue, Scrappage - brum

So a babble of scrappage offers is thrust upon us. The VAG deals look attractive, so I dig further. Yup, strange discount exclusion statements on Volkswagen, dismiss them straight away...Skoda looks more straightforward so, £4000 off a superb...hmm....check HJ buy new cars section, type in Skoda superb as example, DTD comes up at an attractive discount, but wait.....what this?.....small print....

"The scrappage allowance is in lieu of any finance deposit allowance or supported low rate PCP plan. Customers wishing to take finance when scrapping their old car are able to take a Skoda PCP at 5.8% APR Representative over 18-48 months with no minimum deposit. If you are scrapping your old car please add £3,000 to the discounted price quoted and then remove the £4,000 scrappage allowance to calculate the discounted price you will pay. "

So £4000 scrappage is really only £1000? How many more lies can VAG get away with?

The lies continue, Scrappage - badbusdriver

I'm no gret fan of the VAG group, but it is certainly not just going to be them.

And ideed, this is the same as the last scrapage scheme, which suckered in, amongst others, my Mother in law (not that she will admit that she got anything other than a brilliant deal!). I remember at the time reading an article in one of the motoring magazines where they had sent out lots of people posing as buyers. Some had an old car to get rid of, some were buying outright and so were negotiating hard for the best discount.

In something like 75% of the dealers tested, those with no car to trade in were getting the new car for a discount of more than the allowance given for the scrapage trade in.

I think at least some of the onus should be placed on the potential candidates here, if the people are to lazy to actually look into whether or not they are getting a good deal, i can't say i have much sympathy.

The lies continue, Scrappage - Big John

With a few exceptions this was the case with the original goverment scrappage deal. On most makes if you shopped around on the internet sites you could secure a similar or even bigger discount than the scrappage would give you. Obviously these discounts were not available if you did the scrappage. The manufacturers effectively pocketed the goverment incentive at the time. Many manufacturers also put up list prices at the time.

There were a couple of genuine exceptions. Citroen had a cheap run-out model of the Citroen Picasso - that was a real bargin with scrappage on top. In addition the Hyundai i10 was great value with scrappage at the time.

[EDIT] Actually just checked on Carfile - "SKODA HAVE ANNOUNCED A £1500 SCRAPPAGE ALLOWANCE IF YOU OWN AN ELIGIBLE VEHICLE. THIS IS AVAILABLE AGAINST OUR CASH DEALS" - This makes sometjing like the Citigo a great cash buy

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